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An NBA All-Star team almost scored 200 points

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

WOW: That was a loose, lazy NBA All-Star Game even by NBA All-Star Game standards. The West won 196-173. That's right: the West almost scored 200 points. Here's the box score. Pretty much every collective scoring record fell -- highest team score, highest team score for the losers, threes made, the total over and so on. Paul George almost beat Wilt Chamberlain's individual scoring record (42), as well, except Gregg Popovich directed Draymond Green and Kevin Durant to double in the final minute. PG-13 finished with 41, tying Russell Westbrook's mark from last year.

Speaking of Bestbrook: he started the night dancing through his intro, and he finished it with his second straight MVP trophy. He really is the new Kobe!

Check out all of the best dunks, shots and moments here.

WE HAVE A CHALLENGER: Jordan Kilganon is not an NBA player, but I move that we allow him in the dunk contest next year. Holy smokes. IN JEANS?!

GOODBYE, MAMBA: There was tons of Kobe Bryant nostalgia, as is appropriate. He had some very cool moments, but especially the ovation and chant when he came out of the game for the final time. Also, Drake wore an airbrushed leather jacket with Kobe's likeness on it.

SAGER: Dope Valentine's Day suit, boss.

ALL-STAR KARAOKE: Chris Paul lip-syncing "Hello" by Adele, is the G.O.A.T.

HMM: Klay Thompson says MJ told him he wants the Warriors to go after the 72-win record.

LOL: None of the league's Australians made the All-Star Game, so most of them spent the weekend on a boat instead.

OOH WEE: The NBA spliced together footage from the infamous 1988 dunk contest between Nique and MJ with the 2016 contest. So good.

THIS WEEK: No games scheduled until Thursday. But we have two features for you (one of which is a special Monday Shootaround from Toronto that will be dropping this morning), and of course, it's trade deadline week. So stay tuned.

Happy Presidents' Day. See you next time.


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