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Are you ready for the NBA trade deadline?

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

READY: Paul Flannery's Monday Shootaround from Toronto focuses on how the NBA is prepared for life after Kobe ... and life after LeBron, Wade and Melo, too. The league is essentially run by the successors of Kobe's successors at this point, with allowances made for the very relevant older heads. Plus Paul gives you the best quotes from All-Star Weekend. Check it out.


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NOT AGAIN: Chris Bosh might be done for the season again after docs discovered potential clotting in his calf. You may remember he missed the back half of last season with a blood clot in his lungs. These issues are beyond basketball, and we wish all the best to Bosh. The Vertical reports Bosh will meet with doctors Tuesday to plot out a course of action.

WELP: There are multiple reports that the Clippers are open to trading Blake Griffin this week.

RUMORS GALORE: Want a simple roundup of all the major rumors? You'll find that right here in our tracker. It'll be updated consistently through Thursday's 3 p.m. ET deadline.

THE CHEF: Remember how Stephen Curry was dribbling out the clock at the end of the All-Star Game, and with a couple seconds left TNT took the camera off of him and then he buried a halfcourt shot? Here's that shot. The most Steph Curry shot ever, perhaps.

SUPERSIZED: J.A. Adande on whether massive cap space available this summer will lead to mass collections of stars ... and whether that will lead to a backlash from NBA franchise owners in labor negotiations.

THE LIFE OF PABLO PRIGIONI: My man Luke Zimmermann charted every sports reference on Kanye's new The Life of Pablo. Calling himself the Rodman to Jay Z's MJ is just about right.

GOOD FRIENDS: Dwyane Wade bought Kobe a Netflix subscription for his retirement. Carmelo Anthony got him a nice bottle of Italian wine. Chris Paul bought him gag gifts, because Chris Paul is that dude.

THE POWER OF DRIZZY: Nice piece on the actual impact Drake's Raptors advocacy has had in Toronto.

THE APPEAL OF HARDEN: Via REDEF, Adweek looks at how brands are using James Harden's inherent weirdness to market to millennials.

UHH: Former Hawk Ivan Johnson has been banned from another country's basketball league.

Take care. See you next time.