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The buyout market could be just as interesting as the NBA trade deadline

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There are plenty of potential buyout candidates, and some could help playoff teams. Here's a tracker with the latest news on the players most likely to be bought out.

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The trade deadline came and went, and there weren't a lot a big transactions. The contenders mostly stood pat, while teams on the playoff bubble made the most aggressive moves. Now it's time for the buyout market, where players who were traded and waived and those who are not in their current franchise's long term plans become available after being released.

It's typically hard to find rotation players at this time of the season. This year, however, there are a few interesting pieces who could become available. No one will change the balance of power in the NBA, but a few could provide depth for playoff teams in need of it.

Some players have already been waived, while others are expected to be released soon. For them to be eligible to be a part of another team's playoff roster, they need to become free agents before March 1.

Already waived and signed

Andre Miller finalized his buyout with the Timberwolves and signed with the Spursas did Kevin Martin on Friday.

The Boston Celtics bought out David LeeLee signed with the Mavericks for the room exception of $2.1 million.

The Denver Nuggets bought J.J. Hickson and Steve Novak, who was acquired in the Randy Foye trade on Thursday. Novak signed with the Bucks. Hickson is expected to sign with the Wizards.

The Philadelphia 76ers waived JaKarr Sampson to make room for Joel AnthonySampson signed with the Nuggets.

The Portland Trail Blazers waived Anderson Varejao immediately after acquiring him. Varejao signed with the Warriors.

The Bucks waived Chris Copeland to sign Steve Novak. Copeland was claimed off waivers by the Orlando Magic.

The Mavericks waived John Jenkins to make room for David Lee. Jenkins was claimed off waivers by the Phoenix Suns.

The Nets have waived Joe Johnson, who will join the Heat.

The Suns waived Kris Humphries, who will sign with the Hawks.

The Pacers have signed Ty Lawson. They released Chase Budinger to make room for him. Budinger is expected to sign with the Suns

Already waived

The Raptors waived Anthony Bennett.

The Houston Rockets will waive Marcus Thornton, who they tried to trade to Detroit.

The Portland Trail Blazers waived Tim Frazier after acquiring Brian Roberts.

The Brooklyn Nets have waived Andrea Bargnani after agreeing to a buyout.

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