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Kyrie Irving let the bed bugs bite

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

OH HEAVENS NOOOOOO: Kyrie Irving was all sick and unable to play Sunday against the Thunder because ... his hotel room in Oklahoma City had bed bugs, who bit Kyrie on the face and generally terrorized him. Burn that hotel to the ground, y'all. With his luggage and clothes and everything. Fire is the only cure for the persistent itchy feeling everyone near Kyrie will feel for the next month.

MORE LIKE 'DO-NOT-TRADE-FOR MOTIEJUNAS': The Pistons voided their deadline deal for Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton due to the former's bad back, which has kept him out of action most of the season already. This has hilarious ramifications, as now Houston is over the luxury tax line, which keeps them on the repeater tax clock, too. Plus the Sixers waived JaKarr Sampson to facilitate the deal, earning a second-round pick for the trouble. Now there's no second coming, and Sampson spurned the Sixers to sign with the Nuggets. The only question left is whether Stan Van Gundy did it on purpose out of spite to the GMs who fired his brother in 2007 ...


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WHAT'S LEFT? I wrote about the major items still to be resolved during the regular season.


DET 96, CLE 88
IND 93, MIA 101
TOR 122, NYK 95
GSW 102
, ATL 92
LAL 101, MIL 108
BOS 122, MIN 124
PHX 84, LAC 124

YIKESVILLE: The Wolves led the Celtics by 10 with 90 seconds to go and almost lost at the buzzer due to missed free throws down the stretch. Bad loss for Boston, but they almost pulled it off.

STANDINGS UPDATE: Miami pulls into a tie with Boston for the No. 3 seed.

OH NO! Stephen Curry hit a three in front of the Hawks bench and shimmied! It turns out he was really doing it for Kent Bazemore, former Golden State victory cigar. If we're gonna be honest dude was incredibly rude all game long.

ACCURATE: Anthony Davis made everything he did in his 59-20 game look so easy.


PHENOMENAL: I enjoy the hell out of most Jesse Eisenberg things, but this essay for SLAM! on his friendship with Andre Drummond and their similarities was especially cool.

JOHN WALL IS MAD: Michael Lee spent time with John Wall, who does not seem entirely pleased with the current state of the Wizards.

SPEAKING OF MAD ... Kevin Love was furious that a) he didn't make the All-Star team on the first go-round and that b) Adam Silver passed him twice to add other big men as injury replacements.

SHOWTIME FOR REAL: Khris Middleton goes off the backboard to Giannis in the open court. Poor Lakers.

OH MY: How Michael Jordan almost chose Converse or Adidas over Nike in 1984.

HMM: The players' union has supposedly reinforced rules intended to prevent agents from representing both players and coaches or GMs. But different agents in the same agency can rep either group, so it remains to be seen whether this has teeth.

THE REAL LIFE OF PABLO: Pablo Prigioni stretching like a man made of noodles is entrancing.

INSIDE THE MORRII: Ric Bucher with a deeper look at the character of the Morris twins.

EARMUFFS! Stephen Curry gets doused on live TV, yells "MOTHER SUCKER" because that's what responsible dads do.

ON THE AIR TONIGHT: Your Tuesday NBA TV doubleheader features Pelicans-Wizards (7 p.m. ET) followed by Nets-Blazers (10), the Mason Plumlee Bowl! We also have a Kings-Nuggets rematch and a surprisingly important Rockets-Jazz matchup.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.