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I drank the Matthew Dellavedova coffee and it was great

NBA players have a lot of endorsements, but Matthew Dellavedova might be the first one to get his own coffee. The player best known by many as the guy who crashed into Kyle Korver’s ankle during the Eastern Conference Finals now has an official brew called "G’Day Mate."

Brendan Walton, owner of the Cleveland Coffee company, told SB Nation that they settled on the G'Day Mate flavor over a few weeks. Walton sent Dellavedova samples of different types in the mail before the Cavaliers point guard and his girlfriend finalized the bean choice over a several hour process at Walton’s warehouse.

As a blogger (which basically requires a coffee addiction) I had to get my hands on some of it and review my experience. Please note my love affair with coffee had been relegated to decaf for over a year, so the amount of kick I got in my experience may not be typical.

8:30 a.m.

The coffee arrived in the mail a week before, but because I was nervous about the effects of the caffeine, I waited until a Monday when I could theoretically use the extra energy.

Fittingly given his style, Dellavedova’s coffee requires a grinder, since it's shipped in whole bean form rather than pre-ground. A smiling picture of the man known as Delly greets you on the front, reinforcing the message that anyone who drinks it is in for a "G’Day."

The coffee smells rich once it is ground up. When that was done, I poured it into my coffee maker and prepared myself for a trek through the outback to Flavortown.

9 a.m.

It was time to pour my morning Joe -- or I guess "Morning Delly" in this case. The first sip did not disappoint. The coffee’s taste is strong with an intangible quality that is good, but can’t really be quantified. (Sounds about right.) I took my time drinking the cup as I got some work done, and the taste was still good even as the coffee cooled.

I was worried that like Dellavedova’s play style, the coffee would be full of grit, but it actually came out smooth and definitely has enough caffeine to get someone through their day, whether they are an NBA player or blogger. I only drank one cup, but it gave me so much energy that I felt like the Cavaliers after a coaching change.

10 a.m.

This is a worrying amount of energy at this point. Is the amount of caffeine in this coffee standard, or is Dellavedova’s brew designed to have more kick than a kangaroo? And why do I hear a didgeridoo?

2:46 p.m.

Still have a lot of energy, and I kind of lost track of time and this diary. If Dellavedova is actually drinking more than a cup of this stuff in the mornings now, it’s easy to see why he is having a career year. If a team is looking for a cutting-edge training advantage, this coffee may be it. I feel like I could charge through a Taj Gibson screen with ease right now. It might be a PED.


While Dellavedova stopped his ritual of drinking a coffee before games, Walton mentioned that "G’Day Mate" is now the St. Mary’s product’s drink of choice in the mornings. If you want to get through your day with the same pep as the energetic Aussie, I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

I had some fun with this review, but the coffee is worth a try if you enjoy your morning brew as much as I do and don’t have a minor allergy to caffeine. Even though it’s a bit pricey with shipping, 10 percent of the proceeds from its sale go to All Faiths Pantry, "a Cleveland-based non-profit organization that delivers groceries to individuals with limited mobility," according to the Cleveland Coffee Company’s website. That is a worthy cause to support. You can purchase the coffee for $13.50 a pound here, and Walton told SB Nation that international shipping is coming soon.

Final Score: Five Delly Instagram Thumbs Ups

delly thumbs up.jpg