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The Clippers unveiled a mascot. It's not a boat.

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

HELLO FROM SOCAL: The Clippers, who appear to miss the original Pierre the Pelican, unveiled a terrifying condor mascot on Monday. Meet Chuck. If the Clippers really knew L.A. they'd have named him Chaz, but alas. Also, perhaps a mascot somewhat related to the team name would be more appropriate? Or is Steve Ballmer planning to turn the Clippers into the Los Angeles Condors? Did he bump his head trying to dunk off a trampoline? So many irrelevant questions!

HOW TO BEAT THEM: I have 13 very serious rules for beating the Warriors. The rules suggest Golden State will lose just once more, at the end of the month to the Jazz.

CHARTS! Tim Cato has three charts to show you how historic Steph Curry's shooting season has been.

PULLING PUNCHES: DeMarcus Cousins thought about swinging on Steven Adams. We're all glad he didn't. Mostly, Steven Adams is glad he didn't.

PHENOMENAL: Marcus Thompson III is a national treasure, and his timely piece on the volcano in Draymond Green's chest is so essential.


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IND 96, CLE 100
PHI 108, WAS 116
UTA 95, BOS 100
HOU 121, MIL 128
MEM 103, DEN 96
OKC 131, SAC 116
BKN 95, LAC 105

STANDINGS UPDATE: The Nos. 6-9 teams in the East are all currently tied. That constitutes Charlotte, Chicago, Indiana and Detroit. One team won't be making the playoffs. I like to think everyone including Bulls fans hopes it's Chicago.

Meanwhile, neither Houston nor Utah is taking an opportunity to snatch the No. 8 in the West and run away. The teams have lost a combined five straight. Houston has a half-game edge.


WELCOME TO 2016: GQ did a feature on Trey Kerby's closet. What a world.

THE CURRY-MAHMOUD COMPARISON: Really nice piece by Andrew Feinstein on comparing players across eras to celebrate, not denigrate, performers.

IN THAT SPIRIT ... Aaron Barzilai with a new comparison of the current Warriors and the '95-'96 Bulls that notes something amazing: Golden State has been without Stephen Curry for two games this season, which already 'clinches' that Chicago was healthier.

DISRUPTION: The great Seth Partnow on how Steph disrupts the geometry of basketball.

[RESIGNED SIGH] Danilo Gallinari tore ligaments in his ankle. Out a month.

RICH GET RICHER: Kirk Goldsberry to the Spurs.

AMAZING: An MIT mathematician calculates that due to distance, trajectory and defense, Steph's shot on Saturday had a 17 percent chance of going in.

YEP: Cap space is still most useful as an asset to acquire talent from teams attempting to cut salary. Via REDEF.

NICE YARMULKE: A Cleveland kid had LeBron's likeness shaved into his head.

PAT RILEY DOES IT AGAIN: After the Heat spent the trade deadline dinking and dunking under the luxury tax threshold, they signed Joe Johnson, which knocked them back over it. So they worked out a buyout deal with injured Beno Udrih to get back under. Other teams are mad, reports Brian Windhorst.

ON THE AIR TONIGHT: Your NBA TV doubleheader starts with Bulls-Heat (7:30 p.m. ET) and finishes with Hawks-Warriors (10:30). There are four more games, none of which feature two winning teams.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.