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Ty Lawson and the Rockets agree on buyout, per report

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Lawson will be eligible to sign with a playoff team still.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Lawson and the Rockets have reached a buyout agreement Tuesday that will allow Lawson to be eligible to sign with a playoff team, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Houston traded for Lawson over the offseason but the transaction was a disaster, with the point guard never fitting next to the ball-dominant James Harden and struggling just the same when he tried to lead the offense off the bench. Although the Rockets stuck with the experiment for months, buyout rumors began in February until the two sides finally agreed to part ways.

Because Lawson was bought out prior to the NBA's March 1 deadline, he can join another team and be eligible to participate in the playoffs. There's a chance an outlier playoff team will give Lawson an opportunity because he's still talented and clearly was a poor fit with the Rockets.

Lawson's only averaging 5.8 points and 3.4 assists per game on 39 percent shooting from the floor and 33 percent shooting from behind the arc. His departure leaves Patrick Beverley and Jason Terry as the only true point guards on Houston's roster as they try to stay afloat in the Western Conference playoff race.