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Chris Bosh says he no longer has blood clots, ‘positive’ he’ll return this season

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Chris Bosh says he's healthy and working towards returning to action this year.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Bosh is not giving up on his attempt to return to the court this season after missing time with blood clots in his leg. In a statement he released he says he "remains positive" he will be able to return later in the year.

Bosh had to miss the end of last season when blood clots were detected in his lungs. It could have been a life-threatening condition but it was caught early. He was able to make a full recovery and come back at full strength for this year. Then around the All-Star break, clots were discovered in his left leg. He had to be placed on blood thinners and his status was uncertain.

In the statement he released, Bosh said that he's not currently suffering from deep vein thrombosis. He says that he's been staying in shape and is looking into precautionary treatments to prevent further health issues. His intention continues to be to return to action this season.

The Heat currently have the fourth-best record in the East and have been playing small in Bosh's absence, starting Amare Stoudemire and four perimeter players. They have done a good job of adjusting to life without arguably their best player but would benefit greatly from having him back, provided he's fully healthy.

Bosh is averaging 19 points, seven rebounds and two assists per game.