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LeBron James says it 'kind of sucks' when NBA legends criticize Stephen Curry

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He said he's been respectful to past greats, so it's annoying when they don't pass that respect down.

A number of NBA legends have recently downplayed Stephen Curry's accomplishments because they basically consider him overrated. Now LeBron James, who has endured similar criticism in the past, has come to his defense, saying that "it does kind of suck" when former stars downplay the talent of today's players.

"I'm respectful to all the guys who paved the way, the greats, guys who were role players, guys who were part of a championship team or was not," James told USA Today's Sam Amick. "I've always been respectful, so it does kind of suck when you've got guys who played before us and paved the way for us (and) ... they like to talk down on a lot of our players, saying, ‘Well if they played in our era it wouldn't be the same.'"

Former NBA greats Oscar Robertson and Walt Frazier, among others, suggested Curry is succeeding because modern defenses simply aren't physical enough with him. Both claim he would have not dominated in their eras. Others have also criticized the Warriors, stating that great teams of the past would easily beaten them.

Curry and the Warriors are getting the worst of it now, but it's common for former players to criticize the new wave. It always happens. But James says he's ready to break the cycle.

"So you hear about (the criticism), but you don't let it affect you because we understand that they paved the way for us," James said. "Then you've got (Tim) Duncan, Kobe, KG (Kevin Garnett). They paved the way for us. Now myself, D-Wade, ‘Melo, Chris Bosh, CP3 (Chris Paul), we're kind of paving the way for Steph, Klay, all those generations, and now they're doing it for the younger guys. It's no biggie."

Hopefully James will stick to his word and avoid coming down too hard on whoever is dominating the league 20 years from now.