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This Damian Lillard midcourt shot should have been a 4-point play

Everything Stephen Curry does, Damian Lillard will at least attempt. Sitting at halfcourt with the half winding down, Lillard launched this shot with his form intact from the logo and drilled it like it was nothing.

Lillard didn't quite have the gall to just launch it, though. Because the first quarter was ending, Boston chose to intentionally foul one of Portland's poor free throw shooters -- that was, they accomplished a hack while also putting the final shot back in their favor. But if Lillard is in the act of shooting as the foul happens, the shot would count and the player who was fouled would take one additional free throw. The referees ruled that the whistle came first, but it was very, very close.

Either way, smart play by Lillard, who nearly netted a four-point play simply because he had his head up and recognized Boston yelling "foul!". And that shot, as nonchalantly as he put it up there, is just absurd. So casual, so easy, just like Curry would do. Lillard isn't Curry, but boy is he trying.

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