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In case you’re wondering, here’s who LeBron James still follows on Twitter

He doesn't follow the Cavaliers anymore, but he still follows Mario Chalmers!

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LeBron James sent the NBA world into a weird frenzy Monday when he unfollowed the Cleveland Cavaliers' official Twitter account, in addition to some other high-profile NBA media accounts like ESPN's Chris Broussard and Dave McMenamin, as well as Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins.'s Joe Vardon reports the unfollowing binge is LeBron's way of preparing for his social media blackout during the postseason -- a yearly process he's dubbed "Zero Dark 23." But the Cavaliers' star still follows a handful of NBA-related accounts, including a number of Cavaliers teammates. If this is a purge, he doesn't appear to be done with it just yet.

This isn't the first time LeBron's social media behavior has been scrutinized, and it won't be the last. Before this most recent episode, there was a string of cryptic messages the four-time MVP sent out a few weeks ago that came in conjunction with a trip to Miami to visit friend Dwyane Wade.

LeBron tried to downplay that at the time, but he was strangely uncomfortable when asked about unfollowing the Cavaliers' account. He initially declined comment, then left the scrum instead of answering an unrelated question:

LeBron also changed up his pregame music routine before posting a triple-double against the Denver Nuggets on Monday night. Instead of booming his music throughout the locker room, he simply listened on his headphones and limited his interaction with others.

On Tuesday, in a possible response to all this (really, who knows?), James followed the Cavaliers on Instagram and sent out this tweet:

So who the heck knows what's going on with LeBron.

But again, we do know he still follows a good amount of NBA people on Twitter. Who are some of these people and what does it mean?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love

There's been plenty of speculation that some of LeBron's cryptic tweets were aimed at Irving and Love, who have struggled to build chemistry with James at times this year. But apparently these two are still cool enough in LeBron's book to warrant follows.

Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Matthew Dellavedova

The other three current Cavaliers LeBron follows, so at least he still follows most of the key players on the team. Nothing to worry about, right?!

Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul

These are LeBron's All-Star friends, so no surprise that he hasn't unfollowed them yet. That means they can still send DMs to each other in which they laugh about their diabolical social media schemes while planning their next vacation that features wine tasting and banana boat racing.

A host of other NBA stars

Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are just a few of the other NBA stars LeBron still follows. This of course means he's thinking of joining up with those guys in free agency. Or, maybe he's thinking about following Kobe's path and retiring.

Former teammates

Kendrick Perkins and Udonis Haslem are still getting the LeBron love, because we know he's pining for that "enforcer" on the roster. Mario Chalmers, despite often being a target of LeBron's ire in Miami, is hilariously still on the follow list, along with Mike Miller, Norris Cole and Shane Battier, among others.

Dorell Wright

This clearly means LeBron wants the Cavaliers to sign Wright.

Other NBA media

NBA TV's Kristen Ledlow and ESPN's Jalen Rose, Michael Wilbon, Rachel Nichols and Hannah Storm all have the honor of still being followed by LeBron. Broussard must be flabbergasted he wasn't part of this group.

John Calipari

If Tyronn Lue flames out, at least LeBron still follows the name that'll constantly get mentioned as the next Cavaliers head coach.


Basically a given.

Kevin Hart

Maybe even less surprising than Drake.

* * *

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