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The Sixers could still match the worst NBA record ever

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But it probably won't happen.

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Twice this week the Philadelphia 76ers almost won their 10th game of the season. On Wednesday the Sixers had the Nuggets beat ... until Emmanuel Mudiay sunk a seriously crazy 40-footer at the buzzer. On Saturday the Sixers had a monster comeback in Portland, taking a lead with three minutes left before conceding defeat in baffling fashion.

Philly is now 9-64 with nine games remaining. The mark for the worst record in NBA history is owned by the 1973 Sixers, who went 9-73. The 2012 Bobcats technically beat that in a lockout-shortened, 66-game season -- they went 7-59, which is .106 winning percentage compared to the '73 Sixers' .110 mark. But barring a shortened schedule, it'll be impossible for a team to go 7-59 again, so the 9-73 is the dubious record we watch.

The Sixers have lost eight straight games. Their last win was 16 days ago. They have just one win since Feb. 6. Since Jan. 27, Philly is 2-25. This is to highlight that it's totally possible for the Sixers to go another two weeks without a win -- they proven they can go weeks with victory already!

So what's the schedule look like? The Sixers are in Oakland to face the Warriors on Sunday. Golden State is undefeated at home this season and might be the best team ever. Then there's a home and home against the Hornets, who are pretty hot right now and have beaten the Sixers by 26 and 20 already this season. Then Philly has a four-game homestand. The combatants: Indiana, New Orleans, New York and Milwaukee. The Sixers have to win at least one of those, right? The Pacers are a playoff team that still loses some head-scratchers. New Orleans and New York are straight-up bad. Milwaukee is a lottery team.

If Philly somehow loses all of those, they'll need to beat the Raptors or Bulls on the road in the final days of the season to avoid the 9-73 record. With the way things are going for Chicago, the Sixers might actually be favored in that one.

So the verdict is that Philadelphia, though it could still tie the record for worst 82-game season ever, probably will get its 10th win before time runs out.

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