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The Kings are now in open mutiny

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

THE RAPTORS KNOW WHAT'S NEXT: Great look at the Raptors' next challenge from Paul Flannery in this week's Sunday Shootaround. Find out how Luis Scola is helping the players prepare for what they hope is a long playoff run. Plus a review of the teams in the East title mix, the best quotes of the week and more. Check it out.

OUCH: The Hawks left Jeff Teague at the arena after playing in Detroit on Saturday. So he held his pizza like a Trapper Keeper.

PLAYER HATERS' BALL: The going gets weirder in Sacramento. After Seth Curry had his best game of the season in a Kings win over the Suns, George Karl says he might stick in the league a couple more years. Kind of a backhanded compliment! Curry added 14 more as a starter vs. Dallas on Sunday, so DeMarcus Cousins videobombed his postgame TV interview to announce Seth would be in the league "a long time, a long time." Karl and Boogie also disagreed about Willie Cauley-Stein's ability in the media over the weekend. Basketball!



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DEN 90, LAC 105
HOU 101, IND 104
DAL 111, SAC 133
PHI 105, GSW 117
WAS 101, LAL 88

PLAYOFF RACE: The East playoff picture remained static most of the weekend as Atlanta's hot spell held off advances from Boston for No. 3. Meanwhile, the Bulls are sliding out of the picture, giving Detroit some breathing room at No. 8. Washington is still right there too, though. Out West, Dallas is skidding at just the wrong time and now sits at No. 9 after a bad, bad 22-point loss in Sacramento. Utah's up to No. 7 with Houston at No. 8. The race remains tight, and though Portland has stayed out of the fray the Blazers are just 1.5 games up.

WELPVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA: The Sixers have been so bad lately they can still theoretically match the worst record ever in an 82-game season.

THIS IS GETTING OUTTA CONTROL: Klay Thompson passed the ball to an open Steph Curry and immediately began celebrating, thinking he'd be the next star of a viral Vine featuring his spectacular teammate. He was right! Only instead of making the shot, Steph passed it back to an unprepared Klay. It bounced off him.

DANG MAN: In that same game, Curry was coming at Zaza Pachulia on the fast break and used the turbo button at the perfect time.

YEP: Rachel Nichols makes the case that the NBA needs to move the 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte if North Carolina doesn't repeal its new pro-discrimination law.

PERFECT: The Wizards' season in one reaction Vine.

NICE: George Hill wore some fantastic pastel Easter kicks. (He changed out of them at halftime due to having a horrible first half.)

GETTING CLOSE: Blake Griffin is now practicing so his suspension can now begin. He'll be allowed back in action on April 3.

RYNO'S TEA LEAVES: Hints that suggest Ryan Anderson is bound to join the Kings in free agency.

ON THE AIR TONIGHT: We have an NBA TV doubleheader: Hawks-Bulls at 8 p.m. ET followed by Celtics-Clippers at 10:30. Also of note is Thunder-Raptors and Spurs-Grizzlies.

Happy Monday. See you next time.