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Russell Westbrook might be superhuman

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.


MORALITY PLAYS: I wrote about how Coach K and John Calipari are two sides of the same fake morality coin.

DAILY WESTBROOK: Sure, Russell, why not fly in to tip your own missed free throw? (Another triple-double for Bestbrook, too.)

SAGERLIFE: Support Craig Sager by 1) donating to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and 2) promoting the cause by taking a video of yourself in your most Sageriffic suit and tie and posting it on Twitter or Facebook.

UMAD? Rodger Sherman argues that complaining about UConn women's basketball's excellence carries a whiff of misogyny.

GOOD DAY: A summary of all of George Karl's current ongoing beefs with his Kings players.

KUDOS: Blazer's Edge raised money to send 2,000 local kids to a Portland game. That's huge.


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BKN 99, MIA 110
OKC 119, TOR 100
ATL 102
, CHI 100
SAS 101
, MEM 87
PHX 116, MIN 121
NYK 91, NOP 99
DAL 97, DEN 88
LAL 75, UTA 123 (YO!)
SAC 93, POR 105
BOS 90, LAC 114

PLAYOFF PICTURE: No major changes in the NBA playoff picture after Monday, except that the Heat and Celtics swapped in the 4-5 spots and Dallas tied Houston for the West No. 8. It's also been made more clear that Detroit is likely your East No. 8 seed. If you're wondering about Memphis, their lead on Portland for No. 5 in the West is at 2.5 games, and the Blazers currently have a slight edge in the tiebreaker, which is the conference record. The Blazers can likely only afford to lose two more and have a shot ...

HATER EXTRAORDINAIRE: Rajon Rondo is relishing the fact that he might have helped Dallas miss the playoffs by leading the Kings to a win over them. The Kings actually went 3-1 against the Mavericks this season (the loss was a double-OT ulcermaker) after going 5-30 against them over the previous 10 years. The Rondo effect is real!

DRAFT TRACKER: Lots of new names on the NBA Draft Tracker. It turns out that letting kids test the waters really boosts the number of kids testing the waters!

INTERESTING: How draft guarantees work in practice.

NO, THANK YOU: A fan earns Kobe's armband and ... smells it?


NEAT: A history of the t-shirt cannon.

NICE WORK: Isaiah Thomas ruins a fast break despite his diminutive nature.

WOMEN'S FINAL FOUR SET: UConn, Oregon State (West Coast!), Syracuse and Washington (West Coast!).

CODE BREAKING: Brian Windhorst tries to explain what's going on with LeBron right now.

WELP: A Raptors fan from Japan flew 7,000 miles to ... watch Toronto lose by 19.

PITCH INVASION! A young Knicks fan bolted onto the floor during a stop in action to give Carmelo Anthony a hug. Mission accomplished.

GROWING PAINS: It's good that the D-League is expanding toward 30 teams, but that doesn't mean adding three squads before next season will be easy.

ON THE AIR TONIGHT: We have a Tuesday TNT doubleheader starring Rockets-Cavaliers in the Deep Sigh Championship (8 p.m. ET) followed by Wizards-Warriors (10:30). Notable League Pass matches include Pacers-Bulls and Thunder-Pistons.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.