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D'Angelo Russell finally put his mark on the Lakers' season

Good morning. We have that and more in Wednesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

HOW TO BE AN UNPOPULAR TEAMMATE, STARRING D'ANGELO RUSSELL: Whoa boy. It turns out that D'Angelo Russell was trying to prank his friend Nick Young by getting him to admit unwittingly on camera that he'd been cheating on famous fiancée Iggy Azalea. Young is a skeez and an idiot, so he unwittingly complied. But somehow things went haywire and the video got out. And now the entire Lakers roster is giving Russell the cold shoulder: no one would sit with him at breakfast on Monday, and Lou Williams (who really has nothing to worry about) isolated him in the locker room.

As the great Dragonfly Jonez pointed out, Russell really is the next Kobe.

GOOD CHARLOTTE: Really good deep dive into the Hornets' offensive transformation by Mike Prada. It's not so much what Charlotte's doing differently this year as how personnel changes alter what they're capable of.

WHAT ABOUT THE CLIPPERS? Paul Flannery and I discuss the fate of your Los Angeles Clippers.

SHOW-OFF: Draymond Green getting an assist off the glass to Andrew Bogut.

SAGER: Wonderful string of tributes to Craig Sager on Tuesday night as he continues to work despite his fight with leukemia.


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CHI 98, IND 96
BKN 105, ORL 139
CHA 100, PHI 85
OKC 82, DET 88
HOU 106, CLE 100
WAS 94, GSW 102

PLAYOFF PICTURE: Well, this is interesting! The Pacers lost to the Bulls, losing the season series 3-1 in the process. Chicago is just two games out. The door is open for Fred Hoiberg's gang. Other than Indiana and Detroit swapping the Nos. 7 and 8 spots, though, the playoff picture was rather static.

NICE WIN FOR HOUSTON: They were down 20 in Cleveland and came back. Of course, LeBron was in a suit so it's curious that they were down 20 in the first place!

BITTER FEUD ALERT: Reggie Jackson stunted on the Thunder and Russell Westbrook is furious.

THE ETERNAL DUNK CONTEST: Aaron Gordon's latest blow against Zach LaVine is a Jordanesque dunk a step inside the free throw line.

OOF: A D-League fight involved Montrezl Harrell shoving a ref. He's suspended for five games, which keeps him from being called up for a while.

PODCAST TIME: Prada and Ben Epstein discuss whatever happened to the Wizards.

TRUE: Robert O'Connell on how DeAndre Jordan is a basketball debate in a can who also happens to do two of the coolest basketball things almost exclusively.

YES YES YES: Jason Kidd has announced Giannis Antetokounmpo will start next season as the Bucks' starting point guard.

LOWE ALERT: Zach Lowe on the problems with Cleveland.

INTERESTING: Jonathan Givony on what separates Buddy Hield from other prospects who had amazing tourney runs only to fizzle in the NBA.


TEAM USA UPDATE: Chris Paul is taking the summer off. So here's a look at the top candidates for Team USA's Olympic escapade.

SURE: A retrospective on the Warriors' defunct mascot Thunder.


ON THE AIR TONIGHT: NBA TV has potential second-round preview Hawks-Raptors (7:30 p.m. ET) followed by Heat-Lakers (10:30). Spurs can move to 38-0 at home against the Pelicans' F team and the Warriors have a trap game in Utah.

Happy Wednesday. See you next time.

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