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Draymond Green's last-minute stop against the Jazz shows there's nobody like him

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A versatile defender unlike any other.

The Golden State Warriors improved to 68-7 on Wednesday night and nobody is more responsible for the win than Draymond Green. With a close game winding down against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, Green stepped up with several crucial defensive plays that not only led Golden State to victory, but encapsulated everything that's so special about the do-it-all forward.

The Jazz had the ball trailing by four points with just under two minutes left in overtime, desperately needing a bucket to avoid falling behind any further. Green became a one-man defensive wrecking crew, personally stopping Utah's attack in the middle of the court before corralling the rebound off a desperate long range shot.

This is simply amazing defense by Green. First, the forward cuts off a driving Trey Lyles outside the paint, then rotates to pressure Joe Ingles near the baseline. This forces Ingles to make a wild pass back out to the perimeter as the shot clock winds down, leading to a non-threatening three from Rodney Hood.

And guess who's there rising up to get the rebound? Green. Of course.

Less than a minute later, he would fly to the basket for a dagger dunk to help put the game away for good.

Green finished the game with 13 points, eight rebounds, six assists and three blocks in 43 minutes of action. Even still, brilliant plays like the defensive stop above will never quite translate to the box score. You just have to watch him play the defense of three men at once yourself.

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