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Maybe Wizards should stick to Quidditch

Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Your soundtrack for this newsletter is the dulcet tones of DeAndre Jordan. Let's basketball.

ALMOST THERE: Another close one vs. Utah (hmm), but Golden State got to No. 68. Need to finish at least 5-2 to hit 73-9. Draymond Green is a ridiculously good defender.

MEANWHILE, IN TEXAS ... 63 wins and counting for the Spurs, plus a 38-0 home record.


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MORE MILESTONES: Kudos to the Raptors for winning 50 games for the first time in franchise history. They're good!

PLAYOFF PICTURE: The biggest playoff impact from Wednesday's action is the effective elimination of the Wizards from contention. They are four games back in the loss column from both Detroit and Indiana -- the Pacers also have a tiebreaker. It'd take a monumental collapse from one of those squads, a further trip-up by the Bulls and, most unlikely of all, the Wizards winning a bunch of games.

D'ANGELO V SWAGGY: I explained why D'Angelo Russell is under fire from his team, his friend Nick Young and basically every pro athlete on Twitter. Later on Wednesday, D'Angelo publicly apologized to Swaggy through Woj. Later later on Wednesday, Lakers fans booed D'Angelo during introductions. Later later later, Lakers fans cheered him when he hit a big shot in overtime.


ATL 97, TOR 105
DEN 109, MEM 105
PHX 94, MIL 105
LAC 99, MIN 79
NYK 89, DAL 91
NOP 92, SAS 100
GSW 103, UTA 96 (OT)
WAS 111, SAC 120
MIA 100, LAL 102 (OT)

GLORIOUS! The Kings knocked the Wizards out of the race while picking up win No. 30. It's the first time the Kings have won 30 since 2007-08. To celebrate, DeMarcus Cousins and kindred spirit Rajon Rondo did some synchronized sarcastic clapping at ref Marc Davis with six seconds left. They each received a technical foul. Cousins will now be suspended for a game.

STILL RUDE: Dwyane Wade said goodbye to Kobe by mercilessly blocking his shot.

WOOHOO: HoopsHype published an excerpt from Yago Colas' forthcoming book Ball Don't Lie: Myth, Genealogy and Invention in the Cultures of Basketball.

SURE: Voodoo doctors want to help the Pelicans.

YES: Yao is in the Hall of Fame.

WHY NOT: The Kings have extended Vlade Divac's contract to run the Kings. In other news, they are reportedly actually close to adding an experienced front office exec to help, with the leading candidate being David Morway.

HMM: How much credit do we give Golden State's venture capitalist management for what's happened to the Warriors?

THANKS, DRAY: Draymond Green has helped Tom Izzo recruit his best class ever.

THEY GOT NEXT: Ricky O'Donnell introduces you to the 2016 McDonald's High School All-Americans.

ON THE AIR TONIGHT: Your TNT doubleheader features Bulls-Rockets (7 p.m. ET, earlier than usual) and Clippers-Thunder (9:30). We'll all be staying up late for Celtics-Blazers.

Happy Thursday. See you next time.


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