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The Warriors got beat by Los Angeles. (The city, not the team.)

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

DAME TIME: Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround visits again with Damian Lillard and the scorching Trail Blazers as the world comes to know none of what's been said about Dame's leadership and inner fire is bunk. Lillard is all too real. Plus, Flanns lists his most intriguing draft prospects, the best quotes of the week and more. Check it out.

INEXPLICABLE: The Warriors lost to the Lakers on national TV Sunday afternoon. Badly. As it turns out, open Saturday nights in major cities remain undefeated when followed by a day game. This was the most lopsided upset in NBA history, the first time a team below .200 had beaten a team above .900 this late in a season. It's also the Warriors' first loss on network television this season. If you're wondering which rules for beating the Warriors that the Lakers ticked: 1, 6, 8 and 13.

Here's Silver Screen and Roll with the feel-good, Lakers-focused read on the upset. D'Angelo Russell is straight-up fun.

SAD: Lots of opportunities to see a sad-looking Stephen Curry in this one. Drink it in, haters.

TOURNAMENT TIME! Bubble Watch is fully activated. Here's a big Championship Week breakdown from Mike Rutherford. Championship Week is almost as fun as the tournament, in my opinion.


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OKC 104, MIL 96
GSW 95, LAL 112
PHX 109, MEM 100 (huh?)
DAL 114, DEN 116 (OT)
POR 103, DET 123 (what?)
PHI 98, MIA 103
HOU 113, TOR 107 (sure)

UPSET SUNDAY: Man, I see a couple of teams right there that need to be thanking the Lakers profusely for distracting the nation. The Grizzlies have lost to the Suns twice in 10 days! At least a fan in Memphis won a car.

LAMARCUS ALRIGHT: Jesus Gomez breaks down what LaMarcus Aldridge has been doing really well of late.


NO. 1 FAN: Joe Nocera on how Steve Ballmer has changed the Clippers.

FOR THE WIN: Carmelo Anthony juuuuust missed his game-winning attempt vs. Boston on Friday.

HILARIOUS MINUS CONTEXT: If you didn't know how bad Houston's defense has been, this Vine provides all the information you need.

UNCERTAINTY IN OKC: Woj on the shaky ground in Oklahoma City.

LOL: LeBron keeps tweeting cryptic motivational messages and no one has any idea what he's trying to say to whom.

GODLIKE: Reggie Jackson tries to give his coach a high-five but Stan Van Gundy has more important things going on.

FREAK-A-LEEK: Watch Giannis Antetokounmpo sprint the floor just to dunk on Serge Ibaka. Rude.


WELP: Ben Simmons isn't eligible for college basketball's Wooden Award due to grades. Explain to me again why Simmons had to do a year at LSU given it was clear he'd quickly become a full-time pro basketball player?

THE PLOT THICKENS: The players' union might file a grievance over the Pistons' voiding of the Donatas Motiejunas trade. Motiejunas believes his value as a restricted free agent will be hurt by the episode, and that Stan Van Gundy didn't actually void the deal based on a medical review, but simply that he changed his mind. A conspiracy to MF the Rockets and Sixers is still not out of the question, in my opinion...


ON THE AIR TONIGHT: Just one game on NBA TV: Grizzlies-Cavaliers at 7 p.m. ET. Spurs-Pacers, Clippers-Mavericks and Magic-Warriors are out there on League Pass, too.

Happy Monday. See you next time.