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Paul George intends to conquer Canada

Good morning. We have that and more in Sunday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

WELL, THAT HAPPENED: Just as expected, we had two blowouts in the West. The Thunder smoked the Mavericks by 38 (it wasn't that close) and the Warriors beat down the Rockets by 26 (it wasn't that close). But in the East, the Pacers upset the Raptors because Paul George Is A God and the Hawks squeaked by Boston by one despite a massive comeback by the Celtics.


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WHY THIS IS HAPPENING: I'm pleased as punch to tell you Paul Flannery's Sunday Shootaround made the playoffs this year! His first postseason edition explains why exactly the Eastern Conference is so competitive -- not just with the West, but internally as well. Plus, per usual, he has the best quotes, links and Vine of the week. Check it out.

MINOR SCARE: Steph Curry left the Warriors' blowout in the third quarter with a turned ankle. He was available to return, apparently, but he did not do so as Golden State was winning by a million points. However, he is listed as questionable for Game 2 on Tuesday. Hmm. For what it's worth, Curry was really, really trying to come back in, but Steve Kerr put his foot down.

SOMEWHAT LARGER SCARE: Avery Bradley heard a "pop" when he injured his hamstring late in C's-Hawks. An MRI is scheduled for Sunday.


IND 100, TOR 90
HOU 78, GSW 104
BOS 101, ATL 102
DAL 70, OKC 108

And be sure to check out our daily roundup of the action from Jesus Gomez and Ricky O'Donnell. And you can find all of our series coverage here in our beautiful NBA playoff guide.


Pistons at Cavaliers, 3 ET, ABC
Hornets at Heat, 5:30 p.m. ET, TNT
Grizzlies at Spurs, 8 p.m. ET, TNT
Blazers at Clippers, 10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

EXCELLENT: Steph and President Obama filmed a PSA for, and it includes POTUS beating the Chef at Connect Four and then DOING THE STEPH CELEBRATION IN HIS FACE. Nothing has ever made me want to become a mentor more than this. Here's the site where you can learn more about mentoring.

LESSON TO PATRICK BEVERLEY: If you try to play rough with Steph, Draymond Green is gonna get you. That said, the Warriors (minus Klay Thompson) said they didn't fault Beverley for playing rough after the game.

WELL, THAT'S AN OMEN: The Cavs dubbed their pre-playoff group dinner "The Last Supper." No theologians around there, huh?

DEJA VU: James Herbert on another Game 1 loss in Toronto.

OOH YEAH: Russ Bengtson fan-fictioned a 7-game series between the '96 Bulls and '16 Warriors.

BUMPY RISE: Jay King on Jae Crowder establishing himself in the NBA is a good read.

CURSE OF THE BAM-BIEBO: The Raptors mascot dressed up like Justin Bieber and the resemblance was spooky.

YOU GOTTA PLAY HERO: Kanye is now selling his "I Feel Like Kobe" Mamba Day shirts.

'I'M THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD': Michael Lee on the mantra that brought Kevin Durant from injury problems back to the top.

ON BYRON: Darius Soriano of Forum Blue & Gold on the future of Byron Scott with the Lakers.

LET'S MOCK: Chad Ford's new mock draft after the lottery ties were broken.

Happy Sunday. Enjoy the day's games. See you next time.