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Warriors 'discussing the possibility' of creating uniforms to honor Oakland

It would be a nice gesture before the franchise relocates to San Francisco.

The Warriors are thinking about honoring their host city of Oakland with new uniforms and merchandise, according to The Mercury News' Marcus Thompson.

The Warriors are planning to move to San Francisco in 2019, when their new arena is expected to be finished. Before leaving, however, they are considering paying tribute to Oakland, the city that has hosted them since the 1971/72 season, with new uniforms. It would be a good way to celebrate a place that welcomed them and provided one of the most raucous home crowds the league has to offer.

There's nothing official yet and because getting new uniforms is a lengthy process that requires league approval, Oakland-oriented merchandise wouldn't be available until the 2017/18 season, even if Warriors officials submit their request soon. That would still leave two years for the fans to get the new digs and enjoy the tribute to the city.

The franchise has embraced the throwback aesthetic of the San Francisco Warriors with their The City uniforms. It would be a good gesture to honor Oakland as well, especially now that the team is enjoying success after years of mediocrity.

Again, nothing is official but we are all for Stephen Curry rocking an Oakland-inspired jersey before the team relocates.