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NBA Draft Lottery 2016: Time, TV schedule and more

The 2016 NBA Draft order will be determined on Tuesday night.

The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery will take place in New York on Tuesday night prior to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. After earning just 10 wins this season, the Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to strike gold, and there are several ways in which that can happen.

By finishing a league-worst 10-72, the Sixers' own selection has a 25 percent chance of being the top overall pick. The team with the worst record has only won the lottery four times, although one of those occurrences was last year when the Minnesota Timberwolves won and selected Karl-Anthony Towns, the unanimous 2015-16 Rookie of the Year.

Even if the Sixers don't win the lottery that way, they have an outside chance of winning it another way, and that's by the Sacramento Kings overcoming the odds and hitting on their 1.9 percent chance to get the top pick. Philadelphia has the right to swap picks with Sacramento due to the Nik Stauskas trade last summer.

Furthermore, the Sixers could end up with two high picks depending on what happens to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers' pick is top-three protected thanks to the Steve Nash trade several years ago with the Phoenix Suns, but the pick goes to Philly if it winds up outside the top three due to the three-team deal that sent Michael Carter-Williams to the Milwaukee Bucks and Brandon Knight to Phoenix. The Sixers have a 44.2 percent chance of getting the pick from Los Angeles, although the Lakers still have a 19.9 percent chance of earning the top selection, the second-best odds in the lottery.

The Boston Celtics have the third-best odds of winning the lottery at 15.6 percent. The Celtics are the lucky owners of these odds because of the blockbuster trade with the Brooklyn Nets that saw Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce leave Boston for Brooklyn.

The Suns have the fourth-best odds of winning the lottery at 11.9 percent, while the Timberwolves have an 8.8 percent shot of adding yet another top pick to their roster.

The disappointing Chicago Bulls have the worst odds, as they have a puny 0.5 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick.

How to watch

Date and time: Tuesday, May 17, 8 p.m. ET


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