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If Anthony Davis had been voted to an All-NBA team, he'd be $24 million richer

A disappointing season from the Pelicans and Anthony Davis will cause him to miss out on more than $24 million.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis was not selected to an All-NBA team on Thursday and will now miss out on more than $24 million throughout the length of the five-year contract extension he signed in July. Damian Lillard was selected for the All-NBA second team, and he will instead make more than $12 million more as a result.

Davis was expected to be eligible for the "Rose Rule" that Lillard qualified for to boost his maximum earnings. The rule attempts to more fairly pay the league's best players coming off much cheaper rookie-scale contracts. The rule (named after Derrick Rose), works so that a player can make a higher maximum salary than his tenure suggests as long as he has been named MVP once, is voted as an All-Star starter twice, or has been named to any of the All-NBA teams twice.

If a player achieves any of the required recognitions before his contract extension kicks in, he's eligible to make up to 30 percent of the salary cap rather than the 25 percent that his time in the league suggests. Players who have spent 0-6 years in the league are otherwise limited to 25 percent of the cap, while those who have spent 7-9 years can go as high as 30 percent, and anyone who has played for 10 or more years can make 35 percent.

Davis was never named MVP, made the All-Star team three times but only once as a starter, and was named to the All-NBA first team last year. Due to a plethora of injuries and having no chance at making the playoffs, Davis missed 21 games this season, and took a slight step back in a year when many thought he would break out. Davis scored 24.3 points per game on 49.3 percent shooting and grabbed 10.3 rebounds, but fell 27 votes short of LaMarcus Aldridge for the final forward spot on the third team.

Davis is still expected to make an estimated $125 million off his five-year extension. What will be taken from Davis will be gained by the Pelicans, who will have more cap space than expected heading into July's free agency period.