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Lil B says Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors won't save him from the Based God curse

Lil B talked to us about Kevin Durant's recent playoff loss and why the Based God isn't showing him any mercy.

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When Kevin Durant lost Game 7 to the Golden State Warriors after the Oklahoma City Thunder had gone up three games to one, Lil B wasn't surprised. The Californian rapper -- also known as the Based God -- had warned us before the series even started that the Warriors were going to win. It was just a matter of belief.

When Jake Fischer checked in with Lil B a couple years ago, he had just released a song titled "F**k KD." The curse dates back to 2011, as we'll talk about in this interview, and it explains why the Thunder lost after pushing the defending champions to the brink of elimination. We'll also talk about Durant's upcoming free agency and why he should break up with Russell Westbrook.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed.

SB Nation: You predicted the Warriors winning when they were down 3-1. Was that about Golden State? Kevin Durant? Or both?

Lil B: You know, really, it was a message from the Based God, just wanted everyone to know the Warriors would be winning. And that was before anything, before going down 3-1 or anything, when the series was 0-0. I already predicted it, just relaying the information from the Based God. But yeah, I wasn't worried. It was really fun and I know that the Based God has lessons that he has stowed away.

Go back to last playoffs, last year, and the James Harden curse, and he actually had one game where he had a certain amount of turnovers (13), to represent the number on his jersey. The Based God is definitely working in very unique, clever ways, if you are cursed, for people to understand and feel what's going on.

Yeah, because the KD curse, that was back in 2011 when it first started, and as we see it's still going strong. Does that just show the power of the Based God?

We see a progressive period from Kevin Durant, before the curse and after the curse. After the curse he got injured. No titles. The team that I support, just went to the championship after Durant's curse went on. Kevin Durant battles with the same team the Based God is rooting for, which is all a lesson. And you know, he just continues, he's just exposing himself continuously, and he either needs to get a better point guard with him, Russell Westbrook's great and extremely explosive, but he's not clutch when it comes down to it. And that's aside from the curse.

I was going to ask you about Westbrook. So you think he should leave when he can? You think those two should break up?

Yeah, I think Westbrook's just a really wild, explosive, dominant point guard that needs to be with, maybe a slower team, maybe an older team. Maybe Westbrook needs to come to a team like the Spurs, or a place where the ball movement is slower and more team-orientated, and more relying on him.

If someone told you they still didn't believe in the Based God curse, even after all this, what would you tell them?

I mean, the numbers don't lie. That's what I think. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't. When you say something's going to happen and it happens, some people can call it luck but how many lucky times can you have. You know, so the proof's in the pudding.

Can you go back and remind us how this Kevin Durant curse started, for those who might not know?

So the Kevin Durant curse started, me minding my business on a regular day on the internet, talking to people who support me and love me, love my music and love my art. I'm looking through my mentions and I see Kevin Durant talking about Lil B, saying he couldn't believe that Lil B was saying this, or something along those lines. He was saying my music's trash. I decided to message Kevin Durant, and I said, well, if you feel my music's trash, I challenge you to a game of one-on-one, 21. I'll retire if I lose. And he agreed, he agreed to play me, and he followed me, we talked on (direct messages) for a little bit -- it was five years ago so I don't remember extreme, particular details.

So we're talking, it's the regular season, he's coming to Oakland and I said, "Let's play." I guess he had some staff, some people that were really close to him, they told me to leave Kevin alone, that he needs to focus on his season right now, and let him be. And that's when the Based God told me he had enough and he was cursed.

So KD should just suck it up and play you one-on-one, right, even though he's probably going to lose?

I would hope that he would want to play me, I would hope that he he'd want to for the sake of basketball, given the level of challenge. Yeah, he had the audacity to talk about Lil B's music, which also, Kevin Durant may be jealous. He's made music too. His music isn't as good as Lil B's music. Kevin Durant may be jealous. Now, is Lil B jealous of Kevin Durant on the basketball court? Hmm. Maybe. Maybe not. I love basketball. Do I wish I could play in front of all those people everyday, all day? Of course. I love basketball. That's why I'm trying out in the D-League. I actually got an invite from the 87ers, the D-League affiliate for the 76ers. So you know, this is a really exciting time for me. Now, Kevin Durant, if he's going to critique his music, I'm going to critique your basketball skills, buddy. Because he's made music and it's crap.

I know Steph Curry's one of your favorite players. A lot of people are talking about Kevin Durant maybe going to play with the Warriors and Steph. Would that change anything about the curse?

We'll let the (Warriors) talk about that. The organization is fully aware of the curse, obviously. The world's fully aware of the curse. We'll see how everybody feels about what's going on. Right now, I'm really happy. My favorite player in the league is Klay Thompson. I think he represents everything I want to be on the court and off the court, and I think Klay Thompson saved us (this series). He played extremely well under pressure, he took many shots people can't take in high pressure scenarios, and he's the best player in the league.

My favorite song of yours has to be "F**k KD." Any more plans for KD tracks, or are you going to leave that alone?

Nah, I've got some cool music stuff coming, man. Check out, I'm gonna be working with Iman Shumpert, I've got some music with him coming. I've got some music coming with Damian Lillard, got music with him coming. I want to reach out and talk to Nick Young. He was actually just tweeting about my music. I directed a music video and he was tweeting about it, saying it's one of the hardest songs out. So I'm really happy about that. It's called "Witness." The artist is Clams Casino, he's a producer and it's starring and directed by Lil B. When I get down to LA I want to do some work with Baron Davis, so we're just gonna keep things going, keep things rolling.

That's dope, man. I assume you got the Warriors in the Finals? How many games?

I don't wanna do stuff like that unless it's the Based God telling me. That's going too far. I definitely think the best team wins, there's a lot of good ball that's gonna be played. I'm thinking about most likely getting some courtside seats for Game 2 so look out for me.

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The Thunder lost Game 7 but gave us an amazing series