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Draymond Green suspended for flagrant foul accumulation after hitting LeBron James in the groin

The Warriors can clinch back-to-back championships on Monday, but they will have to do it without the suspended Draymond Green.

Draymond Green has been suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finalsthe league announced on Sunday. A hit he delivered to LeBron James' groin following an altercation has been upgraded to a flagrant foul, putting him over the limit for flagrant foul points.

With three minutes to go in the fourth quarter of Game 4, Green and James started battling for position, as Green attempted to set a screen for Stephen Curry. Both players were using their arms to gain leverage but James pushed harder and Green fell to the ground. After that happened, James tried to step over him, which Green didn't appreciate.

The two continued to shove each other, but there was no flagrant called on the floor. That benefited Green, as it would have earned him an automatic suspension. As he tried to go after an offensive rebound while still being tangled up with James, the officials called a double foul instead.

Here's the statement from the league office:

It seemed Green, while provoked by James, had gotten away with an incident that typically would have ended with a technical. Yet the league reviewed the tape and noticed that Green tapped James in the groin when he was getting up after the initial contact. While it's hard to notice it in the original video, a reverse angle proved damming.

It's not the first time Green has hit someone in the genitals this postseason. He got Steven Adams twice, including a blatant kick that earned him a fine but not a suspension. The foul was upgraded to a flagrant 2, however, which got Green to three flagrant foul points, one shy of an automatic suspension. It seems the league has finally had enough of his dangerous behavior and decided to take action by upgrading this foul to flagrant, getting him over the limit.

Green is averaging 15 points, nine rebounds and six assists and has arguably been the Golden State Warriors' best player in the Finals.

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