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Draymond Green can't go to Game 5, so he'll watch it at the Athletics' stadium next door

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If that idea doesn't work out, though, we have a few more ideas for where Green can hang out.

Draymond Green has officially been suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a cumulative punishment handed down by the NBA after he struck LeBron James in the groin in Game 4 and went over his limit of flagrant foul points.

Because he is suspended, Green isn't allowed in Oracle Arena at all during Game 5, where the Warriors have a chance to win the 2016 NBA Finals. Instead, Green plans to watch the game at a suite in the Oakland Coliseum, according to ESPN's Marc J. Spears. The Coliseum is located right next to the arena and they are connected by a tunnel, meaning Green can quickly join the celebrations should Golden State beat the Cavaliers. Here are the guidelines the NBA has laid out for Green's suspension.

There's zero doubt that ABC will have a "Green Cam" at some point during Game 5, as they figure out what suite he's located in at the A's Coliseum. The real question will be if the game is a Warriors blowout and the celebration is imminent. Will Green risk a fine and try to come over early, so he can immediately join the team on the floor?

The Coliseum makes the most sense, but there's a few other places that we think would make sense.

1. An In-N-Out down the street

There's an In-N-Out about a mile and a half down the highway from Oracle Arena and I have no clue why Green didn't decide to watch the game there. In-N-Outs typically don't have televisions, but surely they can set something up for Green, who can potentially become a two-time NBA championship while devouring a double-double animal style and a Neapolitan shake (Yes, they will serve you that).

2. Inside the TV truck

(photo via Mashable)

This is tricky, because usually television networks park this truck that broadcasts the game inside the arena, since there's always space somewhere in the tunnels underneath. But perhaps Green convince them to take it 100 feet outside the arena or something. He'll be super close to the arena and he'll have every possible angle.

3. At Oracle, incognito

Can't beat the real thing, after all. Surely no one would recognize him if he uses this disguise, right?

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