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Marreese Speights called LeBron James a baby so LeBron dunked all over him

I guess babies are really good at dunking.

Marreese Speights is but a bit player for the Warriors, but he led the war of words against LeBron James after Game 4 of the NBA Finals, saying he'd "lost respect" for the superstar after the step-over and mini-scuffle that got Draymond Green suspended. He even tweeted out an emoji of a baby bottle to signify that he felt James was a baby for complaining about Green.

Well, James got his vengeance.

When James saw that Speights was matched up against him, James knew what he was going to do. He ditched the slower Speights and slammed the ball, with Speights capable of only slapping James on the face and earning a foul. LeBron really bottled up all his emotion here, but he didn't milk the moment.

James had 25 points in the first half of Game 5. I think he might know it's an elimination game.