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LeBron gave us a Game 7 for Father's Day. Thanks, LeBron!

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Good morning. We have that and much more in Friday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

FATHER STRETCH MY SERIES: After *another* superlative LeBron James performance, we're going to Game 7. LeBron had 41-8-12-4-3 and had one of those shutdown fourth quarters where he just controlled everything happening on the floor to the great dismay of the opponents. The Cavaliers won, 115-101, tying the series at 3-3.


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I wrote about LeBron's masterful week and how no one's calling him a b-tch anymore. Woj wrote that LeBron is flirting with "lifetime immunity for his legacy," which is a wonderful construct. Michael Lee embraces the inordinate weirdness of these Finals.

Beyond LeBron's overwhelming greatness, the story was Steph Curry's lack of discipline and composure. He got in early foul trouble as the Cavs searched him out as a defender. When he fouled out (on a ticky-tack call, yes) midway through the fourth, right after a gnarly LeBron block on him, Curry screamed at official Jason Phillips and flung his mouthpiece into the crowd. It hit a fan courtside. That fan was the adult son of a Cavs minority partner. Whoops! Curry got ejected for the first time in his career. His famous wife, Ayesha Curry, then matched his lack of composure with a Bad Idea Tweet claiming the NBA is "absolutely rigged." She deleted it and explained why she was so heated.

Sam Amick explores how LeBron is demoralizing Steph in this series. In honor of the performance, here's a GIF of LeBron disc golfing a Curry 2.

As Tim Cato writes, the Warriors look lost right now. Will a Game 7 back at home with Draymond Green available be the compass to guide them?

ONE OTHER PROBLEM: In addition to Andrew Bogut being out, Andre Iguodala looked mighty stiff with a back injury. He still played but had obvious trouble moving. LeBron targeted him down the stretch as it became evident this wasn't the Iguodala we'd seen in previous games.

STRONG: Craig Sager worked a Finals game for the first time in his career, and LeBron gave him huge love in the post-game interview.

THE EARL OF SMITH: This J.R. Smith no-look alley-oop to LeBron in transition was just beautiful.

REWRITE THE STORY: David Zavac writes that the narrative that LeBron doesn't embrace the moment is dead wrong.

IMPORTANT: An investigation of Iman Shumpert's hair.

NOTED: Richard Jefferson is seriously, seriously funny.

HOPE: I wrote about how Kyrie Irving outplaying Steph Curry in the series should give the rest of the NBA hope that, despite the math that shows Curry and the Warriors' overwhelming brilliance, anything's possible in a playoff series, even a long one.

RISING REB: Is UNLV's Patrick McCaw the draft's best kept secret?

SO DAMN COOL: The New York City Parks Department hand makes basketball rims for the city's parks. This is a cool video exploring the process.

SCAM DUNK: Good investigative piece by Bleacher Report that digs into a fake prep school that scammed a number of young athletes in the Southeast and is now under investigation for human trafficking. Via REDEF.

SAGE ADVICE: Very cool story (and lesson) on Sage Steele by Martin Rickman.

AND 1: Cool profile on ESPN's Ramona Shelburne.

Game 7 is Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. What a treat! We'll be back Sunday morning. Happy Friday and see you next time.


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