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Celebrate the Cavaliers' title with the latest NBA championship hats, T-shirts and other apparel

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Cleveland fans have been waiting for this for so long, and it's time to celebrate this championship in style.

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Remember when the Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Golden State Warriors 3-1 in the NBA Finals? Many people thought the series was over. The Cavs, however, had other plans. Now, they're champions.

Cavaliers fans have been waiting for this moment since LeBron James was drafted in 2003. James, a hometown hero, promised the city championships, and this victory has been a long time coming for Cleveland. James couldn't have done it by himself, either. Kyrie Irving's unforgettable three-pointer with 53 seconds remaining helped seal the win. Kevin Love's 10 rebounds were a factor, and the team limiting Steph Curry to just 17 points helped, also.

The Cavs are champions, and it's time for fans to celebrate in style. Show your Cavaliers pride with the latest gear from the SB Nation sports shop. Whether you're looking for hats, shirts or even bobbleheads, we've got all of the latest gear to help you remember this moment forever.

Land of Champions

Great team win

LeBron didn't win this on his own, but there's no doubt this is a special moment for James and the city of Cleveland.

King of the Land1

Celebrate the championship, and get the latest and best Cavaliers gear today!