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You can buy Crocs inspired by Stephen Curry's sneakers

Good morning. We have that and more in Friday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

OH BOY: Boston is at the center of Russell Westbrook trade rumors. And Blake Griffin trade rumors. Perhaps Danny Ainge can light off the rest of his fireworks this summer after all.


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THE NEW THUNDER: Jason Concepcion makes a compelling case for Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins as the new Durant and Westbrook.

[SCRATCHES CHIN] Jesus Gomez makes a compelling defense of the Orlando Magic's bizarre summer moves. On one hand, I do think the Magic will be much, much better next season. As Jeje argues, Orlando didn't make any sense last year. And the coaching upgrade is huge. But I don't see long-term growth beyond next year barring Aaron Gordon's development, and I think this summer's moves might either make Gordon expendable or hurt his development. But we'll see.

ANOTHER ROY CANDIDATE: Dario Saric is indeed joining the Sixers next season, giving Philadelphia three legit Rookie of the Year candidates if Joel Embiid is finally healthy. Bryan Toporek explores the financial boon of Philly's Saric deal.

INTRIGUE: Speaking of the Sixers, it looks like the team forced the Spurs to up their offer for Manu Ginobili. It's somewhat amusing that San Antonio was led to seriously believe Manu would spend his final years in the NBA in Philadelphia, not Texas. Money is a powerful motivator.

INTRIGUE II: Terrence Jones on a small deal is exactly the kind of move the Pelicans should be making. Interested to see how that works out. Check our free agent tracker for more moves as we enter Week 3 of free agency.

BTB: When Indianapolis native Jeff Teague got traded to the Pacers, he decided to hole up in his parents' basement while looking for a place. Another millennial living with his folks, smh.


YIKESVILLE: Eric Griffin, a never-drafted athletic forward who has appeared in preseason and Summer League for a handful of teams including the Heat and was a former D-League All-Star, was charged with attempted murder in the spring. He was exonerated. He's still not getting any offers from teams here or abroad. Via REDEF.

[DOWNWARD CAST EYES] Mark Cuban joked that Thon Maker was good for a 40-year-old during a Mavericks-Bucks summer game on ESPN.

SUMMER FRIENDS: Chance the Rapper and Steph Curry doing a backstage dance at the ESPYs. I fully believe Chance is going to save America.

OH NO: The makers of Crocs are running with a Hannibal Burress joke and selling a pair of their amphibious clogs inspired by Steph's Under Armour Curry Two Lows. This is low, Crocs. Real low.

Take care, everyone. The night is darkest before the dawn. See you next time.


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