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Dion Waiters' free agency did not end well

Good morning. We have that and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

AIRHORN: Michael Jordan on police violence -- committed both by and upon police -- in his own words at The Undefeated. The words came with $2 million in donations to two groups involved in police violence work. Here's Russ Bengtson at Complex on how MJ's actions have always spoken louder than his words. And Brandon Caldwell on the complicated legacy of MJ and blackness. MJ's statement sparked Kemba Walker to speak up, too. Finally, I'd encourage you to listen to Bomani Jones' 18 minutes of (fiery) discussion of the MJ piece.


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NO SILENCE HERE: Meanwhile, here's J.A. Adande on Carmelo Anthony's success in bringing full-throated social discourse back into the equation as he held a town hall in Los Angeles on Monday. And more from Melo at VICE Sports on how and why he's taking a central role. Team USA's Jerry Colangelo offers his support to Melo and the rest of the team.

CHARLOTTE: David Aldridge on the NBA's decision to move the All-Star Weekend out of Charlotte. David Aldridge is really damn thoughtful.

GET MONEY: C.J. McCollum inked a four-year, $106 million extension with the Blazers that will kick in after this season. He becomes the first major 2013 draft pick to lock in a big extension. I'd expect Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Rudy Gobert to get massive extensions too. Both Victor Oladipo and Steven Adams would be stronger candidates if there were clarity on Russell Westbrook's future. Kelly Olynyk, Dennis Schroder, Otto Porter and Alex Len could be candidates for lower numbers.

BIG D(EAL): I wrote about the Mavericks doing right by Dirk Nowitzki by refusing to bottom out, no matter the impact on their post-Dirk future.

SMALL DEAL: Oof. Free agency did not work out for Dion Waiters. He's heading to Miami for $2.9 million. There's a player option for another $3 million in Year 2; if Waiters picks that up, something has gone horribly wrong.

SECURITY: Tyronn Lue will make $35 million over five years after leading the Cavaliers to glory. That's well more than what he made in more than a decade of playing.

YOU DON'T SAY: Steve Kerr likes what he sees from Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson on Team USA.

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART: Cool program from the players' union to set up heart health screenings for retired players. The NBA community has been plagued by premature deaths due to heart issues.

AN UPDATE FROM THE DUB: Ryan Cortes at The Undefeated has a long, detailed tick-tock of the WNBA's decision to fine and then rescind fines levied on players for wearing t-shirts representing their anti-violence views. The league and players will work out a solution over the upcoming Olympic break.

IS IT THE WAY? Do teams build championship squads via free agency, trade or draft? Daman Rangoola investigated to determine whether the Lakers really need to make a big free agent splash.

A STREET NAMED DAVID: The Kings are proposing to call a new two-block road leading to the entrance of their new arena David J. Stern Walk.

WALK OUT LIKE JORDAN: Cavaliers bench warmer Sasha Kaun won a title in his first NBA season. He'd previously won an NCAA title, multiple titles in Russia, and a bronze with the Russian Olympic team. So he retired. No more hardware needed.

THE WELPVILLE GRILL: Kevin Durant's restaurant in Oklahoma City is closing down and will re-open under a new name. This is Mitch McGary's big chance!

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.