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Team USA should easily win Olympic basketball gold. More importantly, they're gonna dunk on people

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Team USA can and probably will win gold in Rio. But more importantly, they're willing to attempt 360 dunks in transition when there's a person trying to stop them.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday night, Team USA played an exhibition game against China. The final score was USA a lot, China a little. You didn't need to watch the game, you don't need to look at a box score.

The only thing you have to see from this game is a shot that didn't even go in:

Up 47 with two minutes left in an exhibition game, DeMar DeRozan tried a 360 dunk on a Chinese benchwarmer who isn't even on the official 12-man Chinese roster for the Olympics. He missed, but still brought the house down.

The first important thing about this play is that Team USA is good enough to be up by 47 against China. They eventually won by 50, just a few days after beating China by 49. China is not just any random opponent: they're actually in the Olympic field, and Team USA will play them on Aug. 6. You could point out that the score of this game was skewed by the absence of China's best player, Yi Jianlian, but you could also point out that one of Team USA's Olympic opponents is a team whose best player is Yi Jianlian.

Secondly, it's worth noting that DeMar DeRozan, a two-time All-Star, is playing with his team up 47 on China. This is not Team USA running up the score. This is what happens when your team has 12 really good players. Team USA has 12 stars. No other team has more than five guys who even played in the league last year.

America's worst player is Harrison Barnes, whose selection earned criticism because he missed a bunch of shots in the Finals. Barnes would be the best player on just about every other team in the field. (I'd take Spain's Pau Gasol, France's Nicolas Batum, and Lithuania's Jonas Valanciunas over Barnes, but he'd be the second-best player on those teams.) He's a deep benchwarmer on Team USA, and when your benchwarmers are stars, they play against the non-star benchwarmers from other countries.

The third, and by far the most important part, is that up 47, DEROZAN ATTEMPTED A 360 DUNK WITH A GUY IN HIS WAY. You're not supposed to do this. If you try a 360 dunk at all, your path should be completely clear. It should be in a dunk contest or on a breakaway, and even then, I wouldn't recommend it in a competitive game. DeRozan missed, but the fact he tried shows me that Team USA is truly dedicated to greatness.

Team USA can do two great things in the Olympics. The first is win a gold medal, but that's not that interesting. They should win easily. There is no category in which any of the other teams in the field should be able to compete with America. Team USA has won gold in basketball at the Olympics 14 times. It takes a true catastrophe, like a clear refereeing conspiracy or Stephon Marbury and Larry Brown in leadership roles, for Team USA to not win gold.

The second great thing Team USA can do at the Olympics is this:

That's Vince Carter's dunk on Frederic Weis from the 2000 Olympics. I don't remember much about Team USA's 2000 gold medal run. I don't remember any of the individual games. I don't remember many of Vince Carter's teammates, besides the ones seen celebrating with him here. I was actually quite surprised to find out while writing this that France actually made it to the gold medal game, although this dunk happened in a preliminary round.

America's basketball victories blend together. What do you remember about Team USA's win over Spain in the 2008 Olympics that makes it different than Team USA's win over Spain in the 2012 Olympics?

But I will always remember Vince Carter's dunk, and THAT is greatness. In a moment, Vince Carter permanently etched a spot in the brain of every basketball fan in the world, forever.

At some point in the Olympics, a legitimate NBA star will find himself matched up against a dude who was drafted No. 49 overall by the Bucks in 2008. He can probably get a bucket easily, considering he regularly scores against other NBA stars. But when you're going to win anyway, merely scoring is boring. Soaring, on the other hand, can reserve a piece of our minds for the rest of time. And that is how Team USA can be great.

Good luck in Rio, Team USA. Sure, you can win the gold medal, blah blah blah, great. But if you continue attempting stuff like DeMar DeRozan's 360 poster dunk, you can be great in ways we'll actually remember.

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