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The Clippers are ready to move out

Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let's basketball.

TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES: This is important. The National Basketball Players Association announced on Wednesday that they will fund retired players' health insurance beginning on Jan. 1, 2017. Players with three years of service in the NBA are eligible. There are also facets that reduce deductibles for older retirees who are on Medicare. This is something the union really did not have to do, and something that will likely be expensive. But man, what a thoughtful decision.


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AMAR'E: I wrote about how, despite peaking way early, Amar'e Stoudemire was a force of nature I'll remember fondly as critical to the Seven Seconds Or Less Suns. Alex Wong gives us another Amar'e appreciation, too. And speaking of the late-era SSOL Suns, Jared Dudley (who signed back with Phoenix this summer) has some great stories.

MOVING OUT: Kevin Arnovitz reports that Clippers franchisee Steve Ballmer is exploring sites around L.A. for a new Clippers arena.

MOVING IN: The Warriors discuss how they'll make room for Kevin Durant.

FULTZ OF POTENTIAL: Markelle Fultz, a D.C. kid headed to the other Washington, is a potential 2017 No. 1 overall pick. He just destroyed global competition at the FIBA U-18 Championship. Ricky O'Donnell gets giddy.

YES: Rodger Sherman on DeMar DeRozan's missed 360 poster and how insane dunk attempts can save another dominant Team USA run from boring us to death.

CROSSOVER: The NBA's career crossover program sent four players to Google HQ last week, including Dahntay Jones. Ooh I hope he caught jokes.

THE NEW MECCA: Neat story on how three Team USA players -- Klay Thompson, Paul George and DeMar DeRozan -- all played with and against each other as Class of 2008 graduates in Southern California. (I did not know Klay and PG-13 were on the same AAU team.)

ANOTHER ONE: The Limited Upside World Tour hits Brooklyn.

TAKE YOUR SHOT: Shea Serrano ranks the best fictional basketball shots of all time.

TOE-STALGIA: Ten ways sneaker culture was better in the '90s.

SHANK NOWITZKI: I just love that Dirk Nowitzki did the Zaza penalty kick and then, like Zaza, shanked it.

GAME BLOUSES: The story behind the famous Chappelle skit about Prince and basketball.

THE TALK: Tyler Tynes on the "talk" black athletes have to have with their children, too.

Be excellent to each other.


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