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Draymond Green showed the world what America is all about

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning. Let's basketball.

The league's news fire hose is very, very slow right now. It's a trickle.

AND THE BIGGEST NEWS IN THE NBA IS ... Draymond Green accidentally (we presume) Snapchatted a crotch shot Sunday morning, and it was such a gas the rest of Team USA took photos in which they were covering their crotches.


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AND 1: In the spirit of being viral before landing in Rio, Team USA sang along to Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles," as one does. Except Melo. He was NOT having it. Vanessa understands, though.

STATE OF TEAM USA: In their most recent exhibition, Team USA shot 16 percent on threes and still won by 35. So it goes.

STATE OF RUSSELL: If you ask how Russell Westbrook feels about the Kevin Durant situation he's going to laugh out loud at you. But hey, he can still find the strength to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday!

WHO'S CRYING NOW? Watch a large group of basketball campers repeatedly get free sneakers snatched out of their hands by Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and Derek Fisher.

WHY BOOGIE IS INVESTED: DeMarcus Cousins shares his story about his high school run-in with police and his friendship with a current officer from his home state of Alabama.

KYRIE'S TIME: Is Kyrie Irving the emergent star of Team USA?

BRING THEM TOGETHER: Dwyane Wade has a major task ahead: getting Jimmy Butler on board with his presence in Chicago. As far as the introductory press conference went, Ricky O'Donnell says Wade is off to a perfect start.

TROLLING US: The Warriors invited JaVale McGee to training camp because they are trolling us. They want to make JaVale a champion!

HUH: TNT is putting Charles Barkley on an unscripted six-episode show called The Race Card.

Happy Monday. See you next time.