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Lance Stephenson found a home

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

WE TALKIN’ ABOUT INDUCTION: Allen Iverson gave a barnburner of a speech at the Hall of Fame on Friday. Go watch it.

SHAQ ATTACK: You’ll be unsurprised to learn Shaq turned his Hall of Fame induction speech into a roast. There will never be another Shaq. He was and is larger than life. By the way, I really enjoyed my man Curtis Harris’ work on A.I., Yao and Shaq.

THE ULTIMATE INSULT: Ricky O’Donnell points out all the times Jerry Reinsdorf (the Bulls’ franchisee) indicated he preferred baseball to basketball. In this way, Reinsdorf making the Basketball Hall of Fame is kind of the ultimate slap in the face to him. That’s how I prefer to see it.

TOM TO THE IZZO: Mike Rutherford on how new Hall of Famer Tom Izzo is everything a college basketball coach should be.

LANCE HAS A TEAM: The Pelicans signed Lance Stephenson. He’s probably going to start a bunch of games.

SPEAKING OF WHICH ... Do the Pelicans have enough to keep Anthony Davis happy?

GOT 'EM: Russell Westbrook is asked about Charles Barkley, and has no clue who that is.

LET’S PANIC ABOUT THE DEATH OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL AGAIN: Sound the alarms. The NCAA’s absurd rule forcing transfer students to sit out a year is under the league. Jeff Goodman, a smart and sane college basketball writer I don’t often agree with, paints the end of the transfer delay as something that creates a form of free agency in the sport. He also unloads this gem to explain why the transfer rate is already increasing: "Another aspect is societal, where players are changing high schools more frequently and also summer league programs instead of fighting through adversity." Emphasis mine. Because an unwillingness to fight through adversity is the only reason a kid would change schools or AAU program? Anyways, this is an interesting story worth watching.

GREAT NEWS: Jerry Stackhouse is officially the head coach of the D-League’s Toronto 905.

GET HIM: Financial adviser who bilked Tim Duncan out of millions gets indicted.

WOO: The Sports Illustrated squad is ranking the top 100 players in the league. Check it out.

PODCAST WORLD TOUR: Limited Upside visits the Magic, who have confounded their fans, too.

THE SUMMER OF SHUMP ENDS UNCEREMONIOUSLY: Cavs announce that Iman Shumpert was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Georgia last month. The alleged influencing drug appears to be marijuana, not alcohol.

NICE WORK, J.M. MCADOO: James Michael McAdoo helped local police and activists out with a community voter registration drive in Richmond, Calif., a city with a high poverty rate and low voter participation rate.

AND FINALLY: We’re hiring! We’re looking for a full-time basketball writer to join the team at SB Nation NBA. Spread the word.

Happy Monday. See you next time.