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Harvard might land a top-5 hoops recruit

Good morning. We have that and more in Monday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

BOSH’S GAMBIT: Chris Bosh believes he can play basketball while on blood thinning medication. Here are some examples of other athletes who have done that.

ON HER OWN TERMS: Legend Tamika Catchings is retiring. Matt Ellentuck shares why she thinks it’s time.


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THE DERRICK ROSE CASE, EXPLAINED: Lawyers help us decode the (horrible) Derrick Rose civil rape case.

ANOTHER VIEW: Last week we shared the Grizzlies’ MLK Day uniforms, which are inspired by the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, which is based at the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. There is a backlash to this uniform, some of it has to do with the macabre/tacky nature of designing (and selling) a jersey visually inspired by the site of a murder. Some of it is based on the Museum’s political problems with members of the (fractured, always fighting) King family. I think that the intent of the project is good, and that the publicity the uniform will provide for the Museum is valuable. Reasonable people can disagree.

PODCAST WORLD TOUR: Prada and Epstein visit the Bulls, who are trying to make sense of a weird summer.

THE TABLES HAVE TURNED: Harvard is trying to land the No. 3 senior in the country, Wendell Carter. Duke is fighting hard to hook him. I imagine that when it comes to highly sought-after high school seniors, Harvard doesn’t lose too often, even to academic powerhouses like Duke.


[NOT REALLY] WSJ posits that Emma Meesseman, a center for the Washington Mystics, is a better three-point shooter than Steph Curry based on her percentage, which is a tick above that of the two-time MVP. The problem here is that Meesseman, described as a reluctant deep shooter, is taking less than two threes per game. Curry took more than 11 per game last year. There are WNBA shooters more impressive than Meesseman: Sue Bird, for example, is a tick lower in efficiency while taking twice as many threes as Meesseman. Sugar Rodgers is hitting 41 percent while taking more than six attempts per game. Volume matters!

ALRIGHT! Marc Gasol is cleared for training camp.

SURE: Mark Cuban offers to pay $10 million to debate Trump on television.

WELP: George Washington U fired its head coach two months before its first game after a press-spurred investigation into use of abusive and homophobic language.

MONTY’S BACK: Monty Williams joins the Spurs’ front office. Landry Fields is a scout for San Antonio now, too, which guarantees that Landry Fields is a future NBA GM or head coach.

CHEERS: Robert Pack, currently a Pelicans assistant, seems to be doing amazing work to assist the community in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


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