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We're going to lose Kevin Garnett this summer, too

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Good morning. We have that and more in Thursday's NBA newsletter.

Good morning. You may be thinking to yourself, "But Zillz, it’s Thursday! During this dead period of the offseason, Good Morning It’s Basketball only published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! What gives?" And what gives is that the basketball is so near I can taste it, so we’re going back to a daily schedule starting tout d’freaking suite. Let’s basketball.


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WHAT THE BUCK: Khris Middleton tore his hamstring so bad he needs surgery and is expected to miss almost the entire year, which is not normal for a hamstring tear.

BIG TICKET EXPIRING: Kevin Garnett is reportedly working on a buyout agreement with the Timberwolves. It appears the Sam Mitchell dismissal erased KG’s desire to play one more season with Minnesota. Are we really going to say goodbye to Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett all in one summer? That’s going to make for a helluva Hall of Fame class.

REBUILT: You’ve really gotta check out Part 1 of Chris Bosh’s self-directed mini-doc Rebuilt. It’s six minutes long. Bosh describes what he felt when his first blood clot was discovered in 2015, and when another was discovered last spring. It’s clear that Bosh is taking the fight to the Miami Heat about their decision to not let him play.

THE PROBLEM WITH RUDY GAY: I wrote about Gay’s decision to opt out next summer and why he’s such a bad fit right now in Sacramento and almost everywhere.

MORE TOP 25 PREVIEWS: Mike Rutherford looks ahead to St. Mary’s snub response (go Gaels!) while Ricky O’Donnell takes a deep dive into Notre Dame.

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? Epic story on what happened to and what is next for Robert Swift by Chris Ballard. There is so much sadness in there, but there’s also a joyful Tim Duncan tale.

NEAT: The NBA is developing four academies intended to developing international prospects aged 14-18 in China, Australia, India, and somewhere in Africa, report Woj and Givony. Players would be recruited to the academies from those regions and given both an athletic and academic base, as well as help through the recruitment or pro process. (I do wonder whether basketball prospects from certain American regions couldn’t also use this sort of academic help.)

TEAMWORK: The NBA and players’ union put out a joint letter to players telling them they are working on programs to help players help communities in the wake of widespread athletic protests over police killings. Players have been reaching out to the league and the union looking for guidance on holding town halls (like the ones Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins have hosted), creating career development programs and the like. Meanwhile ...

KERR UNPLUGGED: Steve Kerr remains one of the more erudite coaches in any major American league. He said on Wednesday that he "would hope that every American is disgusted with what is going on around the country, with what happened in Tulsa two days ago, Terence Crutcher." He also said that "unarmed black people are being killed indiscriminately around the country" and that — not the appropriateness of peaceful protests, but that — is what we should be talking about.

WATCH THE WOMEN: The entire Indiana Fever roster kneeled and linked arms during the anthem on Wednesday night before a playoff game.

PODCAST WORLD TOUR: Prada and Epstein talk Rockets and James Harden.

AND FINALLY: Former NBA star and outgoing Sacramento major Kevin Johnson got a pie in the face at a gala on Wednesday. So, he apparently punched the person who did it enough times to require a hospital visit.

It’s Thursday. Do something great. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.