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Andre Drummond can hit free throws ... in virtual reality

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That and more in Tuesday's NBA newsletter.

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Good morning. Media Day is in the books! Let’s basketball.

SEE YA LATER, KID: Paul Flannery says goodbye to Kevin Garnett, a maddening and brilliant muse.


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PREVIEW SEASON: That’s right, NBA preview season has officially begun! Flannery and I are chatting about every team once again. You can see our conversations about the Celtics and the Clippers. Plus, here’s CelticsBlog’s preview and the one from Clips Nation.

SPEAKING OF PREVIEWS ... The Limited Upside preview tour visits Dallas, where Prada and Epstein talk to Tim Cato about the Mavericks.

VISUAL REALITY: Stan Van Gundy vowed to help get Andre Drummond better at free throws by any means necessary. So, the team set him up with virtual reality equipment that allows him to visualize makes while making his movements. It’s sound pretty wonderful. If it works, everyone is going to be doing this.

IT’S OFFICIAL: After analysis, Shea Serrano declares that Kevin Durant is indeed a villain.

END OF BOSH? Pat Riley tells the media that Chris Bosh’s career is probably over and that the team is no longer working for his return. Justin Tinsley implores Bosh to count his blessings beyond basketball and walk away.

BIG POPPA: Gregg Popovich waxed for a few minutes on athlete protest, gun violence, racial bias and why he won’t run for president. Draymond Green got off a helluva rant, too.

OH GOOD: Anthony Davis grew another inch.

BLAME GAME: Kyle Neubeck on who exactly is to blame for Nerlens Noel’s anger.

MEANWHILE ... The LAPD confirms Derrick Rose is under criminal investigation for the alleged 2013 gang rape of his ex-girlfriend. The civil trial begins next week.

AN INTERESTING WRINKLE: Mike D’Antoni has officially made James Harden the team’s starting point guard.

WELP: Greg Monroe learns that Jason Kidd has decided to bring him off the bench from the media.

BLUNTLY PUT: The president of the Milwaukee Bucks told the local Rotary Club that the city is the "most racist, segregated place" he’s ever experienced. Then he vowed to use the Bucks’ new arena as well as their community outreach efforts to help as much as possible.

GOOD DEED: Kelly Oubre Jr. is raising money for flood relief in his native Louisiana through t-shirt sales.

AND FINALLY: When Victor Oladipo has trouble getting to sleep, he calls his buddy Russell Westbrook, who sings him into dreamland. We should all be so lucky to have a Westbrook to hit us with a lullaby.

Happy Tuesday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.