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James Harden had the most entertaining summer of any NBA player

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How to become a likable NBA superstar in three short months!

Yo, let’s talk about James Harden, who just won the offseason.

Before this summer, it’s not that Harden was unlikable, per se, but that there was just nothing to like except an occasional crossover that broke an ankle or two. His game is incredible, but he still goes to the line a dozen times most games. Sometimes it’s only thanks to exaggerated hand flailing and some I-just-got-shot yelling somehow not muffled by his 10,000 beard hairs. That’s annoying as hell, and there’s nothing our dude was doing off the court to make up for it except occasionally getting drunk and yelling about how Adidas will be better than Nike.

That’s all changed. Harden is super likable now. Look how great his summer was.

Roasted a kid at his camp

They LOVED it.

Got roasted by a kid at his camp

The only thing better is NBA beating up on little kids at basketball is an NBA star getting beat by one, proving their mortality and reminding us we’re all going to die one day.

Messed around at Drew League

He contested a shot from his own teammate.

Then he played around with some dude heckling him in the first row.

Had a sneaker everyone made fun of

You might say, “Wait, how is a shoe that got trashed by everyone part of winning the summer?” Well, don’t say that. The internet loves making fun of, well, anything, and that almost always helps people be happy. Harden brought joy to so many people by releasing shoes that could easily be made fun of. Good for him. That’s unselfishness at its peak, and we should all be proud of his sacrifices.

Sung Adele during practice

Just when it can’t get any better, here’s James just jammin’ out. And we should note, he’s doing this with his shorts waaaay rolled up for no real reason. DAMN, IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CANNOT DO.

In conclusion, James Harden had an excellent summer and is now officially likable. Congratulations!