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Professional athletes are tweeting their support for Gordon Hayward

Hayward suffered a fracture ankle in his Celtics debut.

Gordon Hayward fractured his ankle in the opening six minutes of his Celtics debut against the Cavaliers. His Boston teammates immediately huddled around each other, and several players on the Cavs were emotional as well. It was a truly unfortunate way for the NBA season to start.

With millions watching as the NBA finally tipped off after a long and dramatic summer, twitter rallied in support of Hayward.

Paul George, who suffered a similarly awful-looking injury to his leg just a few years ago on national television, offered his support as well.

Other athletes joined in as well:

Kobe Bryant chimed in on Tuesday afternoon with an Instagram post.

If we’ve learned anything from Paul George, it’s that it is possible to return to full form even after a devastating injury.

Gordon Hayward's injury met by outpouring of support