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Suns' assistant coach Mehmet Okur got fired and left a legendary Instagram post


The Phoenix Suns had a brutal Sunday afternoon that included the firing of their head coach, Earl Watson, and a subtweet from their veteran Eric Bledsoe about wanting to get the heck out of there. Then Bledsoe was openly recruited by conference rival DeAndre Jordan on Twitter. It was all somehow uglier than the two 40-plus-point losses the team suffered in its opening week. Now-former assistant coach Mehmut Okur added onto the pile.

Okur was fired along with two other assistant coaches on Sunday, and he took to Instagram in a not-so-thankful way.

Family first Other little s... and MFS comes and goes in my life ✌️F... em I am out for now y'all ☝️ see y'all down the road

And let’s take a look at who “liked” Okur’s post:

Yep, that’s Eric Bledsoe.

This isn’t the start to the season Phoenix could’ve hoped for. But it can’t get much worse, can it?