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We will always love these ’90s NBA jerseys

The love for ’90s NBA jerseys is as strong as ever

Grant Hill

It’s Jersey Week here at SB Nation and we kicked things off falling in love with ’90s-era NBA jerseys all over again. First, we sat down and talked about the wild, colorful, and cartoonish jerseys, including some we did and did not like. But it wasn’t just us here at SB Nation. You all had some strong feelings about those ’90s jerseys, too. From the purple dinosaur to a cartoon rocket ship, here were your favorites.

Raptors Big Purple Dinosaur

The overwhelming favorite ’90s jersey is the Raptors Purple Dinosaur. Actually, y’all love this so much, it might be the greatest jersey of all time.

Orlando Magic Pinstripes

If the Raptors were the far-and-away favorite for the best jerseys of the ’90s, then the Orlando Magic pinstripes were equally as far away from the rest of the pack. The great thing about these is we got them in three different colors.


And white.

But something about those black alternates were just better than the rest.

The Pistons and their teal horse.

These jerseys create a little more controversy than the first two, but you can’t deny the ’90s nostalgia just pouring out of these. Grant Hill in the teal.

The Phoenix Suns and their sunburst

They were pretty great in purple.

But they were even better in black.

We even got a special shout out to Starter jackets!

The Grizzlies and the literal bear claw on the shorts

The Rockets and their cartoon Rocket

Everything about the Utah Jazz

The Jazz actually had a couple of versions of their jersey in the ’90s and honestly they both were pretty fantastic.

The Rainbow Denver Nuggets

Don’t forget the ’90s All-Star jerseys

Charlotte Hornets and the teal pinstripes

This jersey did not get a lot of chatter and, honestly, I’m with Air-Turk here.

The Sonics and their forest green

And some of you just couldn't choose, which I can relate to

Man. The ’90s forever.

The iconic '90s Indiana uniforms designed by Flo-Jo