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Enjoy every NBA jersey malfunction and mistake we could find

Jerseys deserve a blooper reel, too.

NBA jerseys are often subject to rage and error in ways that are unfair to the jersey. From players ripping and tearing them to shreds on the court, to the misspellings of a player’s name, they’ve been through it all.

We here at SB Nation are celebrating jerseys in all their glory. But what’s a celebration without the blooper reel?

Anyway, here are some of the best, funniest, and most painful jersey malfunctions we’ve seen.

Jerseys ripped and torn to shreds on the court

  1. LeBron James just freakin’ shredding the damn thing.

LeBron was NOT a fan of the sleeved jerseys, and that pent up anger on top of a poor shooting night spelled doom for this black Cavs jersey.

"I was just frustrated with myself,” James told ESPN, “I was just off rhythm a lot tonight, and the jersey was the only thing I could go to. I couldn't do nothing to my face."

Bro ... the jersey disagrees.

2. Marc Gasol also just shredding the damn thing.

This white Grizzlies jersey met the same demise as his Cavs brethren: ripped to shreds by owner frustration. Gasol tried to make it into a dang v-neck.

3. Amir Johnson ripping the dang NUMBERS off Elton Brand.

AMIR. Fam, why? Going for the numbers is a rare strategy. That is NOT a play on the ball.

(Peep Andre Iguodala with the old squad, though.)

4. Amare Stoudemire gets his dang number ripped off, too.

WHO IS SEWING THESE THINGS? It’s not safe out there.

5. DeAndre Jordan gets the “Los Angeles” ripped off of him

Nobody is safe! Not even the city. Goodbye to the Los Angeles script on the front of that blue jersey.

6. Taj Gibson rips the damn thing (accidentally this time)

Norris Cole was taking the ball, himself, and his pretty black Heat jersey to the cup when Taj Gibson tried to be cheap as hell and grab his tank. That caused a rip down the side, and therefore, the jersey was done. It was a playoff jersey, too.

7. Nike let their own jersey just fall apart.

Nike took over the production and design of NBA jerseys in 2017 but not even they are safe. On the first night of preseason games, Tyler Ennis’ jersey just fell apart. No one ripped it. It just ... totally came unraveled.

Jersey Misspellings

Now it’s time to take a peek at all the misspellings on the jerseys. This is human error at its finest, because, ya know, there are only 15 guys on a team. Sure, sometimes there are trades, but otherwise it’s the same guys night in and night out. Fifteen names! How do you mess this up?

Anyway, here are some of the best jersey misspellings:

1. Andray Baltche

2. Jason Smiht (seriously?)

3. Eric Beldsoe

4. Andre Drummund

5. Paul Milsap