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8 times Fabolous had the jerseys we wish were real

Fabolous has a jersey collection most of us could only dream about.

Jersey week is more than just the jerseys we see our favorite NBA players wear on the court. It’s about the our love for all types of jerseys — vintage, alternate, and especially jerseys from pop culture.

There is no one who understands that more than the best jersey collector of our time, Fabolous.

Just take a scroll through his Instagram feed and you’ll see jersey after jersey that you wish you owned yourself.

90s All Star Jerseys > @mitchellness [shot by @sophielinberard] #AllStarWeekend #NewOrleans

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But where he really stands out is his collection of looks from TV and movies.

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf released in 1985 with Michael J. Fox playing Scott Howard, the high school student who also turns into a werewolf every now and again. No big deal honestly. This scene in particular is when Howard turned into the werewolf during a high school basketball game, leading his team to their first victory in three seasons. A very 1980’s pop culture moment.

2. Space Jam

It’s only right that Fabolous would have the iconic Tune Squad jersey. Released in 1996, this movie continues to live on in basketball culture, pop culture, and just about everywhere. Zach Lavine wore the jersey in the 2015 Dunk Contest, while Jordan Brand released Space Jam Air Jordan’s in 2016. It’s never going away.

I would be down for a Monstars jersey at some point, though.

Space Jam Movie/Instagram

3. Love and Basketball

My favorite jersey of the bunch. In the 2000 movie Love and Basketball, we actually didn’t see Quincy McCall in this jersey much. We saw him more in his high school and USC gear.

But any fan of this movie knows exactly who it is if they see McCall in the purple and yellow. I’ll really be on board if Fabolous ever gets a Wright-McCall Sparks jersey, because Sanaa Lathan is clearly the star of this movie.

Love and Basketball Movie/Instagram

4. Saved By The Bell

This comes from the episode where Zack Morris was magically named captain of the team and he immediately had to get to the pep rally, as advised by A.C. Slater. Except the episode skips the pep rally and heads straight to the championship game where Mr. Belding accidentally runs into Zack in the locker room and tears cartilage in his knee, forcing him to get surgery. WHAT. Whatever, the jersey is cool.

5. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith wasn’t even on the basketball team until he was playing in the gym with Jazz and the coach and principal saw him playing. The basketball team was so bad that once Will joined the team, the entire game plan was known as “Pass it to Will.” I really suggest you watch the highlight reel. I promise you’ll feel better.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV Show/Instagram

6. He Got Game

The legendary Jesus Shuttlesworth, as played by Ray Allen, is one of the most iconic basketball movie characters of all time. This is Shuttleworth’s Lincoln High School jersey, where he was the No. 1 high school basketball recruit in the movie.

Fun fact: Lincoln High School is based off Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, home of Stephon Marbury and Lance Stephenson.

He Got Game Movie/Instagram

7. Like Mike

This is the jersey of Calvin Cambridge, played by Lil’ Bow Wow in the 2002 movie, Like Mike. Cambridge wasn’t that good at basketball, but he did magically get a pair of Michael Jordan shoes that made him in fact, like Mike.

Like Mike Movie/Instagram

The real gem of this movie is the music video to “Basketball” by Lil Bow Wow, featuring none other than Fabolous and Jermaine Dupri.

Fabolous wore four different jerseys during his verse, like the jersey legend he is.

8. Degrassi

Drake, AKA Jimmy, was the star basketball player at Degrassi Community School until a tragic school shooting left him paralyzed from the waist down. The jersey seen here was shown in Season 1, when Jimmy made the basketball team, only to be cut in the same episode for bullying his teammates. Smh.

Like I said, send me your favorite television and movie jerseys. Extra points if you own it.