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The definitive timeline of LeBron James' glorious 24 hours in New York City

How LeBron took over New York for an entire day.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Cavaliers and Knicks were set for a regular November game at Madison Square Garden on Monday night. But this is the NBA, LeBron James, and New York City we’re talking about. The day was anything but normal.

Here is the extremely official and serious timeline of LeBron taking over the city of New York and never giving it back.

10:45 AM: LeBron clarifies that he is mad at Phil Jackson, not Frank Ntilikina. He also throws a jab at Enes Kanter.

James was clear on Monday morning in that he was only trying to insult Phil Jackson when he made his comments about Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina on Saturday night. He followed up by saying “It’s definitely a shot at (Jackson).”

LeBron also had thoughts on Enes Kanter, who stood up for Ntilikina after LeBron’s comments.

“And for Enes Kanter who always got something to say ... he says ... I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

This will be important later in the day.

10:59 AM: LeBron shoots left-handed during shootaround

LeBron is actually left-handed but shoots right-handed. I actually think he’s going through a shooting-hand identity crisis. Anyway, here is LeBron still causing noise from New York before noon.

12:55PM - LeBron and the Cavs rode the Subway home from Madison Square Garden and accidentally created a meme

LeBron posted a video of the Cavaliers riding the train back to the hotel from the shootaround, but the man sitting beside LeBron stole the show by not knowing who LeBron was. Enter “Can You Not” Guy who had no idea he was sitting beside James and the entire Cavaliers team on the train:

The MTA even tweeted about it.

7:10 PM: LeBron is booed by Madison Square Garden

The game hadn’t even started yet, and LeBron has the greatest city in the world worked up.

8:08 PM: LeBron bumps into Ntilikina and Kanter gets involved:

Kanter and James both got technicals for this one.

9:16 PM: The Knicks are up 23 points on the Cavaliers in the third quarter

Stay tuned.

9:55 PM: LeBron hits a go-ahead step back three-pointer over Kristaps Porzingis to put the Cavs up 100-97:

LeBron, Channing Frye, Kyle Korver (five threes in the fourth quarter!), and J.R. Smith hit a barrage of three-pointers to bring the Cavs back and then LeBron finished the job. He found time to stare down all of MSG too:

The Cavs outscored the Knicks 54-16 to end the game.

10:05 PM Cavaliers beat the Knicks 104-101

Did I mention yet that the Knicks blew a 23-point lead?

10:48 PM: LeBron responds to Kanter’s comments, again

For whatever reason, Enes Kanter kept talking after the game:

10:30 a.m. (THE NEXT DAY!): LeBron acknowledges he is in fact the king of New York.

You're welcome.. of NY #myfavoriteplayground #striveforgreatness

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The moral of the story here? The NBA is the greatest television show on this round Earth, and never make LeBron James mad.