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Joel Embiid says his conditioning is at 69 percent, and that is nice

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Never change, Joel.

Joel Embiid was absolutely incredible on Wednesday night against the Lakers. He dropped 46 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists, and seven blocks. That is a video game stat line.

He also continued his perfection after the game. In his post game interview, he made sure to say he was “69% there” in terms of his conditioning. This is so nice.

After the Clippers game earlier in the week, Embiid said his conditioning was around 50 percent. Against the Lakers on Wednesday, he was up to 69 percent. Embiid said after the game, “Um ... you know each game is a little bit up. Still working on my conditioning so I say 69 percent. I’m at 69 percent.”

You cannot convince me that Embiid did that on accident. He knew NBA Twitter would go crazy for that one. Never change, Joel.


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