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Lonzo Ball on why he walked away from a scuffle: 'I ain't trying to get no tech'

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This was a bizarre event.

It’s a day on Earth so obviously we’re here to talk about the actions — or in this case non-actions — of Lonzo Ball. On Friday night, Ball’s Lakers teammate Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the Suns’ Tyler Ulis got into a scuffle at the end of the game. Most of each players’ teammates came to their aid to join in or restrain each other from really brawling.

Lonzo... walked away, even after he saw what was happening.

Even when he tries so hard NOT to be the story, he somehow is. Though it is certainly a bizarre sight for someone to ignore a fight involving their own teammates.

"It's the NBA,” Ball said after the game. “People ain't really going to fight. I ain't trying to get no tech."

He isn’t wrong! Rarely do these fights develop into anything more than a few shoves. Maybe he should have acted slightly interested in the altercation though, and helped separate his teammates from it.