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They are indeed going to rook you, David Fizdale

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We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter.

Memphis Grizzlies v Denver Nuggets Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

David Fizdale, a highly respected young coach who came to fame with the epic TAKE THAT FOR DATA rant, has been fired by the Memphis Grizzlies. To say it was a shocker — despite Memphis' eight-game losing streak and a salt-ridden benching of Marc Gasol on Sunday — is an understatement. Fizdale only got 101 games with the Grizzlies (107 if you count the playoffs). It's pretty rare for coaches to get their teams to the playoffs (especially in the West) and get fired before Christmas the next season, no matter how rough things get.

Fizdale has a lot of defenders in the NBA, including former Grizzlies and former Heatles who he served as an assistant in Miami. LeBron James, who was with Fiz for four years in Miami, was particularly outspoken about the Grizzlies' decision. We haven't heard from Gasol yet, though, or even injured Mike Conley. It will be worth tracking how they react in the coming days.

It will also be interesting to read in coming days or weeks how the fluid, messy ownership situation played into this.

J.B. Bickerstaff, eternal interim NBA head coach, takes over. (He's like the angel of coaching death.) After a summer with no coaching turnover, we have two openings lined up for prospective coaches: the Phoenix Suns and Memphis. More will surely follow. Given that both Earl Watson and Fizdale were seen as fall guys, we'll see if there are front office openings to fill, too.

Scores Galore ...

ORL 109, IND 121
CLE 113, PHI 91
DET 118, BOS 108
POR 103, NYK 91
BKN 103, HOU 117
DAL 108, SAS 115
SAC 110, GSW 106
LAL 115, LAC 120

... And So Much More.

Statement win by the Pistons in Boston on Monday. (Doubly delicious after a letdown loss to the Cavaliers in Detroit over the weekend.) Here's Paul Flannery with seven reasons the Pistons are better than you think.

Uh oh. A bad season for the Clippers is threatening to reach HIT THE RESET BUTTON BEFORE IT AUTOSAVES status. Blake Griffin suffered a knee injury of unknown severity when Austin Rivers crashed into him in the Clips' meaningless win over the Lakers Monday. (Doc Rivers tried to peg the injury on Lonzo Ball, which is so ridiculous as to be impressive.)

The Kings beat the Warriors in Oakland for the first time since the Polk administration.

There is a movement afoot by NBA players to secure the liberty of Jahlil Okafor.

The Rockets and Nets combined to shoot a record 89 threes on Monday. That ... is a lot of threes.

That's two ejections in the month of November for Gregg Popovich. Come back soon, Kawhi.

Speaking of legendary NBA coaches, Tim Floyd decided to retire after his UTEP Miners lost their fifth straight game.

What's sparked Cleveland's eight-game winning streak? Swarming defense! Remember that I told you I refused to worry about the Cavaliers. Fool me once ...

Kevin Durant on being black in America.

Whitney Medworth on the shockingly fun Indiana Pacers. They've been the surprise of the season for me, outside of OKC.

Five games on the docket for Tuesday, including Heat-Cavaliers (starring streak killer Dion Waiters) on NBA TV at 7 p.m. ET and Nuggets-Jazz on ESPN at 10 p.m.

Be excellent to each other.