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The LeBron James-Arthur meme saga was either everything or nothing

What even was all of this?

LeBron James posted a miserably cropped Arthur meme to his Instagram account on Monday night, brands went wild with it, Draymond totally trolled it (then deny-trolled it) and finally LeBron outright admitted to misunderstanding the meme in the first place... Or maybe he’s reverse trolling us too? I have no freakin’ clue.

I love the NBA.

Anyway let’s take a second to understand what went down.

Step 1. The circa summer 2016 meme was reborn on @kingjames’ account


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

What does this mean?

The Arthur meme is usually associated with feelings of anger, which in LeBron’s case could have meant a lot of things. Tim Cato and Kristian Winfield broke down a few reasons, most of which included the fact that the Cavaliers are off to a VERY ugly start to the season compared to other LeBron teams.

This was almost definitely a shot from the subtweet master at his team.

Step 2. Draymond trolled the memer


A post shared by Draymond Green (@money23green) on

What does this mean?

Draymond has a history of messing with LeBron (and, well, a lot of other people on social media), so of course the following afternoon he captioned his photo “Mood...” That’s the same caption — to the ellipses — as LeBron’s Arthur meme.

With his tongue sticking out in the picture, this had to be aimed at LeBron.

We have beef, right?

3. LeBron follows Draymond on Instagram

What does this mean?


Step 4. LeBron indirectly admits he has no idea what the Arthur meme is for

Mood Forever.... #StriveForGreatness

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

What does this mean?

Ok this is where things started getting weird.

LeBron posted pictures of himself on every team he’s ever played for making a fist, which is either a stunning PR move to show his ignorance for what the meme meant, or ... he really doesn’t know what the meme is for. The Arthur meme is not a celebration meme. The Arthur meme is an anger meme.

This is hilarious because this is peak Dad LeBron if he really has no clue what the meme’s purpose is and started a media circus for no reason. (He must have known though).

Step 5. Draymond denies trolling

What does this mean?

Fam, I’m so lost at this point that my head hurts. Did we make too much out of this? Did we make just the right amount out of this? Is Draymond lying? Is LeBron downplaying this? NOBODY IS TAKING CREDIT FOR ANY OF THE AFOREMENTIONED BEEF!

This league is so ridiculously as good at marketing itself on the court as it is off it.

Eric Bledsoe tweeted his way to the Bucks on Tuesday. Kevin Durant got caught with fake social media accounts. Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside on Insagram during preseason. IT’S ONLY NOVEMBER.

Somehow this whole LeBron-Arthur episode will be forgotten by next week after something even weirder happens. Thanks for being the best drama on televisIon, NBA.