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Lonzo Ball's beef with Nas, explained

They took passive-aggressive swats at each other on Tuesday.

Lonzo Ball and Nas have beef. It’s tough to call it a random beef considering just how many bizarre beefs exist between a Ball family member and another celebrity, but even this one has its place as a standout.

Their nonconfrontational feud exists solely on the internet and clothing, and it’s beautifully petty in every way. As of Tuesday night, Nas has the last laugh.

So what started Lonzo vs. Nas?

Back in September, when the Ball family’s Facebook show debuted, Lonzo referred to Migos and Future as “real hip-hop,” going as far as calling Nas outdated. He said “Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” and that upset Nas fans.

Then what happened?

A month later, in a group picture, Lonzo’s manager was spotted wearing a shirt with the Lakers rookie’s face over Nas’ Illmatic album cover.

H8FUL 8️⃣

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Is that a dis?

Has to be.

But Lonzo didn’t wear it, did he?

That’s how this beef got beefier. On Tuesday night, Ball wore a sweatshirt with the same Nas album image to his Lakers team’s game against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Did anyone really care, though?

As long as the internet exists, anything the Ball family does matter. In the NBA world, Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell took notice.

So what did Nas say?

Nas stayed extremely subtle in his response, and the Knicks fan waited for the perfect time to do it — right after his team beat Lonzo’s.

Great Win Knicks!

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