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‘NBA 2K18’ just leaked the final set of Nike jerseys

Some of these “City Edition” jerseys are really interesting

Since Nike has taken over the apparel deal with the NBA, we’ve seen three new jerseys for each team, and all kinds of clothing on and off the court with that prominent Nike swoosh.

When Nike officially took over this summer, replacing Adidas, they announced there would actually be four different looks for each team. We’ve seen three of them to start the NBA season but have been waiting on the fourth, which was the “City Edition.”

Well, thanks to NBA 2K18 it looks like we have a pretty good idea of what those jerseys are going to look like. Twenty-eight of the 30 teams were photographed by Chris Shaull and sent to Conrad Burry who posted them online.

Here are some of our favorites. You can see the entire list here.

Some of these jerseys are wild

Some of them are just ... different

Some of them are pretty great, actually

But the Timberwolves forgot to color theirs in

And did the Lakers use MAMBA SNAKE SKIN?!

It’s hard to really tell if we like or dislike these jerseys in reality since the photos were quickly taken before NBA 2K18 removed the leak. We’re excited either way, though!

(h/t) Conrad Burry